A British Pakistani Muslim’s Account of the London Bridge Attacks

  • Raouz Khan

    As an American Pakistani Muslim, I feel I can empathize with you greatly. It is an understatement to say that it is unfortunate yet relieving that I’m not the only one who feels similarly (being told that we’re not integrated enough, feeling the need to appear less threatening) despite us both living in separate countries (and that in itself is a sad realization). I’m sincerely sorry that you had to experience something as horrible as the London Bridge attacks and am grateful that you shared your feelings on it.

    • Maz

      Thank you Raouz that means alot, truly

  • Melanie Lockett

    Great article Maz

    • Maz

      Hey thanks Mel! :)

  • Victoria Peris

    <3 Heartfelt :( Sad times we are in. Brilliant piece Maz x

    • Maz

      Thank you pretty lady x