I’m a Muslim Woman, and I’d Like to Report a Terrorist

  • Lee R

    Bravo! As a resident of Colorado, where we have mass shootings every 22 months or so (I believe all by white men, so far), where Timothy McVeigh was tried and convicted of murdering 168 and wounding over 600, and where his co-conspiritor, Terry Nichols, resides in the SuperMax prison, I’m not worried about my neighbors who might worship in one of our local Mosques. I just hope my other neighbors heed your call because that 22 month clock continues to tick in our open carry state….

    • Copyright101

      Most mass-shooters in the US are non-white. Most shootings in the US are committed by black men with illegal handguns.

      • Smash Islamophobia

        Blacks are about 12.5% of the US population, and commit over 50% of homicides.

  • Marc Fogarty

    Seriously, there are too many logical fallacies and conflations of ideas to react effectively to this article, apart from to ask are you serious or is this sarcasm.

    Good to see your still relying on that 99% figure, how about discussing or dealing with the real problem the primary cancer within Islam – Islamism Jihadist/Fundamentalist like ISIS are the secondary cancer only.

    Why not honestly and frankly confront the issue head on if boldness is truly your style.

  • H. Savinien

    I’m queer. I’m in far more danger every day from white US lawmakers than any Muslim I have ever met. I’m sorry for the hate you’re getting and I try to be a pleasant presence in the lives of the Muslim families I help at the library I work at.

    • Missi

      As a queer Muslim, I definitely feel much more afraid of people because of my Muslim identity than from being queer. It may be relative to where we both live and possibly different cultures in those places, so I’m not negating that being queer may be much more difficult for you where you live. But at least where I am, it’s much easier to be out in the LGBTQ community than it is to wear hijab or admit to your coworkers that you are Muslim.

      • H. Savinien

        I’m sorry, I think I expressed myself poorly! I meant that I’m in more danger from white lawmakers than I am *from* Muslims. The Islamophobia rampant in the US absolutely would have me believe that Muslims are the major danger I face and they – the Islamophobic lawmakers and populace – are “trying to protect me”.

    • Copyright101

      I’m queer. I’m in far more danger every day from white US lawmakers than any Muslim I have ever met.

      Then clearly you’ll much safer right now in a Muslim, non-white country than one bound by the vestiges of patriarchal white hegemony.

      So, when are you moving?

      • Smash Islamophobia

        Yeah, that’s gonna be a long wait.

        It’s remarkable how many declarations by the Far Left seem to be intended purely for signaling purposes, like Savinien’s above. It doesn’t seem possible that he could in any way intend that statement to be evaluated in terms of its direct real-world implications. Self-delusion, or at least the outward denial of reality, seems to be something that leftists view as a positive “virtue.” I’m going to go ahead and evaluate whether there appears to be any empirical support for what his feelz tell him anyway.

        Let’s look at what some prominent Muslim countries have to say about the wonders of the diversely-sexually-preferenced:

        “Gays should be tortured and hanged, says Iranian minister meeting British MPs”


        OK, but that’s a neocon tabloid. Maybe they just made it up, or something.

        Let’s check what those ebil white supreeemist not-sees at the Puffington Host have to say about how Saudi Arabia, home of Mecca, center of the Muslim world, treats those who engage in the love that dare not speak its name:

        “Saudi Arabia Beheads Gays, but Marco Rubio Has No Problem With You Traveling There”

        Hmm… How about wikipedia? Surely Jimmy Wales’ minions — good progressives all — would strive to avoid even the faintest taint of “Islamophobia?”


        “LGBT rights are not recognized by the government of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi social mores and laws are heavily influenced by Arab tribal customs and ultra-conservative Wahhabi Islam. Homosexuality and transgenderism are widely seen as immoral and indecent activities, and the law punishes acts of homosexuality or cross-dressing with execution, imprisonment, fines, corporal punishment, or whipping/flogging.”

        It’s not looking good for the chances for peaceful coexistence between Mohammedans, and those whose loafers lack density. Maybe he should just claim that Muslims are only fond of homosexuals in Muslim-minority (or perhaps white-majority) countries? So as long as the demographics don’t change too much, his vacuous virtue signaling should carry no direct personal cost.

        The other possibility is that his hatred for normal white men outweighs all other considerations, so that he is willing to disregard a certain amount of personal risk. That’s a possibility, too.

        • Copyright101

          Indeed, it’s almost as if his comment were not anchored in any sort of objective reality.

          and those whose loafers lack density

          Comic gold!

          (He might be a she of course)

      • H. Savinien


      • H. Savinien

        Person actively trying to protect my rights and safety: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilhan_Omar
        Person actively trying to erode my rights and safety: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump

  • Copyright101

    Let me be clear in saying that, first off, yes, we are superhuman thwarters of terrorism: Muslims have foiled countless potential terrorist plots to date

    None of which would have occurred without the presence of Muslims in the first place.

    • Daisy

      On a related note, speaking of terrorism, it’s remarkable how ISIS drives Arabs out of the ‘Greater Israel’ region into the West (where Israel officially welcomes them in Greece) and drives Jews out of the West into ‘Greater Israel.’

      A cohencidence no doubt.