You Can’t Go Wrong With These 10 Hajj Gifts

Hajj. The most important pilgrimage a Muslim can make. It can, and will, have the most impact on your life once completed. It should be something that is celebrated by friends and family once dear ones have accomplished this lifelong goal. To me, it is important that the person who has completed Hajj have daily reminders of this experience.

And what better way of memorializing this lofty achievement than through the gifting of thoughtful gifts? Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m an Etsy girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon too, but Etsy has the personalized touch for such occasions!

Whether it’s gifts or decorations for a Hajj celebration, there are lots of gorgeous and creative ideas out there. And so, here is a list of ten fabulous presents you can get someone who has completed their Hajj:

1. Personalized Mugs

Most of us love our coffee or tea in the morning. I would love to gift someone these awesome mugs so that they can sip and reminisce about their spiritual journey.

2. A Hajj Journal

After experiencing something so wonderful, I love to think that I will always remember every single detail. But as a human being, we all tend to forget the tiny things. What better way to remember than by writing it down in a special Hajj journal! This way, you get to write your story and potentially pass it along to the ones who haven’t done Hajj yet! And best of all? Etsy is absolutely loaded with a variety of options in terms of Hajj-related notebooks!

3. House Décor

Y’all. I LOVE decorating my house! We all have so many things decorating our walls, like frames, flowers, mirrors, etc. Personally, a reminder of Hajj is better than all those things put together. Kitchen, dining room, living room; doesn’t matter! You literally cannot go wrong with something like this personalized shadowbox as a present!

4. Jewelry

Alright, I don’t mean that you should spend a fortune on all the gold out there, but something small, a token that marks this special occasion will do just fine! After all, the significance of the gift means much more than the price. Everyone should have a reminder of Allah’s love.


Y’all, I’m a reader, and I LOVE bookmarks so much! So, for anyone who is a reader and has also completed Hajj, a bookmark would be a great and practical gift. This small but important piece of paper would be so significant because it not only holds their place in a book, but also holds the Hajj experience in their hearts.

6. A T-Shirt

Oh my goodness, yes! This would be a great gift to someone who is preparing to go to Hajj. For me, this is airport-wear for sure, and definitely something they can hold onto and wear again afterwards.

7. A Candle

Again, you just cannot go wrong with house décor. I have many candles decorating my house that remain totally unlit, because let’s face it, once you light the candle and do so continuously, that candle will disappear into the recesses of your memory, just like Hajj. For that reason, this one can be good just for decorative purposes!

8. A Frame

I have seen so many of these used at weddings, with short, personalized messages and heartfelt wishes as people embark upon the journey of marriage. But with this particular one, you can write prayers and best wishes for Hajj! This is one frame you can keep going back to, and what could be sweeter than re-reading the messages of well-wishers after your amazing journey?

9. Hajj Peg Dolls

Anyone who has done (or is about to do) Hajj who also has kids, raise their hands! Because this is genius. Children are super visual and tend to respond better when taught in a play-based environment. These adorable little peg dolls are a super way to demonstrate rituals performed at Hajj. Fun to play with and then Inshallah doing it themselves one day. And the best part is that they come in an inclusive range of colors!

10. A Backpack

As my own closet is filled with all kinds of bags, this would be a great one to give to someone who is about to make their Hajj journey! Use it for passports and other documents, or use it afterwards when heading out to the store or school! Either way, it’s useful and a wonderful reminder of what’s really important.