Why Is Laylatul Qadr so Important?

This evening is the blessed 25th night of Ramadan 1442. This means it may be the night that we all anticipate and eagerly hope that Allah allows us to see, insh’Allah — Laylatul Qadr!

In regards to Laylatul Qadr, Allah (SWT) gives us the message that, “This night of decree is better than 1000 months.” Whoever understands the importance and power of this night, insha’Allah will be forgiven by the Most High, the Most Forgiving. We ask Him to forgive us on this night.

I’m sharing this video with you because Mufti Menk spends quite a bit of time making dua for us, and, if you can connect or relate to even one request he’s made, then you cannot help but to shed tears. Let us pray for all our brothers and sisters in Islam, our neighbors, our family members, our loved one, and yes, let’s even pray for those who we may not be speaking to right now, and ask Allah (SWT) for peace and blessings upon us all, and that He forgives us.

God willing, this video touches your heart, brings you closer to Allah (SWT), and makes you feel that you are not alone. Let us be among those who continues to worship Allah (SWT) and insha’Allah he forgives us on the night of Laylatul Qadr. Amin.