Week of 5/04/15: Spanish Anti-Immigrant Law = No More Kebab Shops

#MuslimGirlProbs is our weekly link roundup of headlines, stories, events, and situations that make us want to rip our hijabs off.

Another set of crazy headlines. Enjoy.

Week of 5/04/15:

  • Preschool classroom within the Islamic Society of Tampa caught on fire last week. Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, racist Facebook commenters were not shy at all when expressing their opinions on the news-story. “Burn them all down and deport them all” read one comment. Then there was a former firefighter, Bob Shepard, who commented: “Let it burn!!!” YOU HAD ONE JOB, BOB. [The Daily Caller]
  • Spanish anti-immigrant law would target Muslims, and Limit kebab shops. It’s designed to reduce immigrant “ghettos” and protect “traditional Spanish businesses.” Muslim immigrant from Algeria says: “My tomatoes are Spanish, and so are the potatoes I sell… do I need to sell pork to be a ‘traditional Spanish business?’ Do I need to sell wine?” Not only is this law racist and systemically targeting minorities, but how can having less kebab shops benefit anyone? I don’t know. [International Business Times]
  • Man attacked 7-11 Manager because he is Muslim. Yep. You read that correctly. James Tree threw ethnic slurs at the Muslim manager and then threatened to kill him. After being asked to leave the store, Tree went around the counter and physically assaulted the manager. The (drunk) racist was arrested. Another day, another Islamophobic attack. [Click On Detroit]
  • China is forcing Muslim shop owners to sell alcohol and cigarettes to “weaken” Islam. Those who do not comply will have their business suspended and they will face legal actions against them. Along with this, government employees and children are not allowed to attend mosques or observe Ramadan, men are “discouraged” from growing long beards, and women are not allowed to wear face-covering veils. Ummm… take a chill pill, China. [The Independent]
  • Tajikistan Muslim name ban: Parliament considers forbidding Arabic-sounding names amid crackdown on Islam. In fear of the “growing Islamic radicalization,” this bill would forbid the justice ministry from registering names with “Arabic origins.” HERE WE GO AGAIN. Arab does not equal Muslim. But hey, let’s not forget, Tajikstan is saying they’re not targeting Islam with this bill because they’re currently building the biggest mosque in Central Asia. Wow. *Slow claps.*  [International Business Times]