These 5 Honeymoon Destinations Are Perfect for Every Muslim Girl

It’s the day after your wedding! The big night went off without a hitch [or with one ;)] and you and your new husband are ready to fall in love all over again on your honeymoon.

On this magical vacation, you do not want to spend time worried about which foods are halal, which areas of town are ‘prophet-approved’ and which beaches let you rock that burkini! Lucky for you, we have complied some of the best spots to bask in love with your official bae:

1. Turkey

For the couple who are looking to add culture, love, and a hot air balloon ride to their honeymoon fun, look no further than Turkey. This beautiful country is rich in historical sightseeing options, and even richer food choices. A honeymoon to Turkey will leave you and your husband surrounded by Islamic influence as you both enter into the bonds of marriage.

2. Maldives

Being a young couple in love can often have you feeling like you are the only two on this planet! Why not make that feeling come to life while you honeymoon on one of the beautiful, secluded islands that make up the Maldives? The “You and Me by Cocoon” resort offers couples an unimaginable view of the crystal clear waters and seemingly endless coast lines. This specific resort package offers a romantic sunset cruise and, if you are feeling adventurous, island hopping by jet ski.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Do you and your new boo love nature and spas all at once? Well, Bali is the perfect place to channel you inner nature lover while enjoying a relaxing virgin mojito by the pool. Bali in Indonesia is ideal for Muslim couples given that Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim population in the world! So, it’s safe to say that what you definitely won’t need to fret about during a Balinese honeymoon is halal food or swimwear. What a win! But before you do jet off, don’t forget to pack a camera, because Bali boasts one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, which is sure to get your Instagram account bustling with likes!

4. Athens, Greece

What better place to get away post-nuptials than Athens, Greece, home to the most romantic love stories? While in Greece, you and your husband can surround yourselves with modern day history along with the wonders of the past. Not to mention, Greece has some of the most picturesque beaches in the world! And if you are not already booking your flight by now, Greece serves a large population of Muslim travelers, so leave your worries behind and come relax in Greece.

5. Switzerland

If you are a “snow and chill” type of couple, the snow-capped country of Switzerland may be for you. While not really a traditional honeymoon destination, Switzerland’s icy landscapes offers views unmatched by any country in the world! While there, you can cozy up next to your man by a nice warm fire after an adventurous ski lesson. For all your planning needs, head on over to “Halal With Travel” to ensure a Muslim-appropriate Swiss honeymoon.

Now that all is said and done, have fun, you beautiful brides! And for those of us back home, take lots and lots of pictures!