The Top 10 Cringiest Halal Pick-Up Lines We’ve Ever Seen

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the only thing more divisive amongst our ummah than the celebration of this day of love is whether tomorrow is Eid or not.

Having said that, haram police, you guys can relax because we aren’t here to discuss the halal/haram quotient of celebrating Valentine’s Day (y’all can do that amongst yourselves in the comments; you know you want to). Instead, we’re going to make your lonely little hearts feel a little less lonely in this month of all things pink, and bring the laughs, courtesy of the most cringe-worthy  halal pick-up lines to ever bless our Twitter feed. Is it possible to say we’re sorry and you’re welcome simultaneously? Because we’re betting you’ll be feeling both sorry and grateful you read this as you peruse this truly hilarious, yet eye-roll inducing list.





2. Just like my slippers at the masjid, I want this vibe gone from my aura forever.


3. No words. Just, no words for this.



4. Miss me with that pick-up line, though.



5. MashAllah, Allah gave you everything but game.



6. Rain drop, drop top, OMG PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.



7. Maybe not?



8. I want my feet to be my ticket out of this situation.



9. More like WallahBro material, am I right?



10. This is just an entire month of nope, nope, nope.