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Why White Feminism Is Problematic For Muslim Women

There have been several incidents globally in which female athletes have been pushing back against their mandatory team uniforms. One of the more notorious incidents that sparked worldwide media attention was that of the Norwegian women’s beach handball team. The European Handball Federation fined these women €1500 for resisting the typical uniform of bikini bottoms…


Western Feminism and Free Will

It is true that there is a line between oppression and free-will. It is also true that that line is not a fine one. These thoughts swarmed my mind when I took a Women, Culture, and Society class two semesters ago. I found that the course, while easy, brought insight to a lot of issues….


Who Defines Liberation?

Liberation has always been a hot topic. Liberation isn’t an ideal, but a journey; it means to break the inevitable chains of societal norms and to rise above whatever causes one pain or hardship. For Muslim women living in Western society, it is particularly hard to decide where to turn when the question of liberation…