Why is Sinning Easier for Me?

When we are born, two faculties are created alongside us as challenges to make us vulnerable to committing crimes: Shaytan and Nafs. Shaytan, or Satan, has existed even before the Creation of Man and it is his job to invite us to do sinful things until our death. To further describe his duties, he is to coax you into following your nafs.


Stopping Hypocrisy

We live in the time where righteousness is difficult to encounter. While we might be surrounded by those who proclaim their love for Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW), the diseases – treachery, hypocrisy, injustice, etc. – are rampant in our communities. Why are our people inflicted with infections when we have the cure in…


The Danger with Envy

To every invention there is always a beginning. The strength of the building’s foundation determines its success. First we have to determine the location, then the surroundings, the materials, and then lay down that first brick. I was going to the beach using the interstate as I noticed the massive structures reflecting the hot sun…