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Why Are Niqabis Marginalized By Non-Muslims & Muslims?

Women who face veil — also known as niqabis — are often thrown to the wolves by the Muslim majority to break out of stereotypes imposed on the veil by the Western world through Orientalism and Islamophobia. In other words, women who wear veils are affected by respectability politics. Respectability politics is a form of…


A Young Iranian Girl Was Beaten in Public for Not Covering Her Hair

Recently, a video was released in which an Iranian woman was violently attacked by female officers for failing to fully cover her head. Known as the “morality police,” the officers were shown pushing the woman to the ground and beating her as screams pierced the air. Additionally, the woman and the officers seemed to exchange harsh…

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Following Bill 62, Women Fight Back With #HandsOffHerNiqab

What happens when a law is passed which dictates what a woman can and cannot wear in public and infringes a charter-given right? We follow the motto “Sisters before misters.”  Bill 62 isolates and immobilizes Canadian Muslim women who choose to observe the Niqab. The bill will embolden racists, and so-called “patriots,” to use this…


French Muslims on the Frontlines of Islamophobia

A woman protests in Paris, with a sign that says, “The veil covering your eyes is much more dangerous than the veil covering my hair.” Insults and physical aggression; a climate of fear ignored by, if not created with the full complicity of, law enforcement; Islamophobia: that is the reality in many non-Muslim countries. While…