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Hajj Now Has Women Guarding Mecca and Medina

In the past few years Saudi has gone through some significant changes under Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s plan to modernize the country. Some notable changes include: lifting the ban on women driving, women being able to travel without permission from guardians, and women having more control over family matters. Most of these reforms have…


23 Items You Need to Take With You for Hajj

As we speak, pilgrims around the globe are probably neck-deep in preparation for Hajj 2019. For those who may not be aware, this daunting, yet eagerly anticipated fifth pillar of Islam is a time when Muslims from around the globe — who are able to, both physically and financially — descend upon the holiest cities…


The Constitution of Medina

So Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his followers were now in Medina, in an attempt to escape the growing hostility, religious intolerance, and persecution of Mecca. They had migrated to Medina in the year 622 in search of freedom and peace. This year is also known as the year of migration, or hijrah. This is later…


The Unification of Medina

When the construction of the Kaaba began, there emerged in Medina two distinct groups of people. The people of Medina were divided into the Ansar (Helpers) and the  Muhajireen (the Emigrants). The Ansar were the natives of Medina, while the Muhajireen were the people who emigrated to Medina from Mecca. The Ansar were made up…


The Foundation of Islamic Law and the Conquest of Mecca

Shari’ah, or Islamic law, literally means “a way to the watering place” or “a path to seek felicity and salvation”, and is the laws and regulations meant to govern the lives of every day Muslims as a way to lead a moral and ethical life.1 Since Islam is considered less a religion and more a…

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