POEM: The Fabric That Defines Me

This poem is an ode to the headscarf, a fabric that has been heavily policed and debated, yet represents autonomy for many Muslim women. Who am I to you? Terrorist. Oppressed. Confined. Restricted. Hidden. Imprisoned. Controlled. The fabric which envelopes me, a welcome friend, a haven. Unnerves and offends. This barrier restricts myself to you….


Another Mainstream American Retailer Tackles Inclusivity Head On

Early Tuesday morning, Banana Republic delighted Muslim women around the world with the drop of their latest hijab collection. Featuring four different colors and prints, Banana Republic’s hijabs are sure to be wardrobe staples for every hijabi, particularly with Eid-ul-Adha right around the corner. Aiming to “offer classic designs with a modern twist,” the classy…


Stop Policing My Right to Wear The Hijab

“Why do you wear the hijab?” “Why did you take it off?” “Why do you wear it like that?” Muslim females like myself are sick and tired of hearing this. The flurry of questions I got when I started wearing the hijab the first time in July 2013 was astounding. Of course, I recognize my privilege…


When Did the Headscarf Become Another Pillar of Islam?

As per my own experience, one of the major issues Muslim women who live in non-Muslim countries face is whether they should observe the hijab (via wearing a headscarf) or not. Now this question is not necessarily related to whether the family is strictly religious or not. Sometimes, it’s mainly related to how dangerous or…

Young Muslim Indonesian Smile Hijab Female

A Muslim Migrant in a Land of Rising Islamophobia Makes a Choice

Islamophobia in Germany, and increasing racist hate crimes against Muslims in Germany did not scare Seema from choosing to begin fulfilling her religious obligation – to don her headscarf. There I stand, at the bathroom sink, making my wuhdu to pray Salat-ul-Dhur on the day of Eid-al-Adha. Seema walks in. She looks very different. So…