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Watch: Female Genital Mutilation Violates the Autonomy of Girls and Women

Female Genital Mutilation, also known as FGM, is a violation of girls’ and women’s human rights, as it takes away their rights to their own bodies. In fact, at least “200 million girls and women have been cut in 30 countries,” according to UNICEF. Watch this talk given by Khadija Gbla, an award-winning human rights…


Here’s Why Empowering Young Girls Is Vital

“When you empower a girl, you transform a community.” – Kakenya Ntaiya In this inspirational TED Talk, educator and activist Kakenya Ntaiya speaks out about how she worked towards empowering women in rural Kenya, and why this should be a goal for every community around the globe. At the crossroads of education, empowerment, and FGM, Ntaiya…