A Palestinian young man holding Palestine's flag and making a peace sign with his hand.
A Palestinian young man holding Palestine's flag in one hand and making a peace sign with the other while standing on a main battle tank. (Photo from Twitter/@saidshoaib_gaza)

Stop Saying Israel Is ‘At War’ When It’s the Cause of War

We have all seen the news by now: Israel is “at war” and they’re seeking retaliation for being taken by surprise. You don’t even need to Google anything special to see the hate surging against Palestinians for standing their ground. If anything, this unprecedented form of Palestinian resistance, resembling a third intifada, is, in fact, sweeping through all social media feeds like wildfire.

As “objective” as ever, Western mainstream media platforms, countries, and political figures have been providing coverage of the whole uprising. Their headlines are nothing other than parasites inciting hatred toward Palestinians: “Gaza terrorists,” “like 9/11 for Israel,” “brutal attacks,” “horrifying attack,” and much more.

Why Palestinians are attacking Israel

The fact that it’s 2023, and we still need to state the obvious, is direful — but that’s for another topic. What we’re witnessing right now is essentially the result of all the generational trauma passed on because of the terror and oppression that Palestinians have been living under the Israeli occupation ever since 1967.

And as so many countries are now normalizing ties with Israel, this apartheid state committing gruesome crimes against innocent Palestinian citizens. We all know that Palestinians are killed almost on a day-to-day basis.

We’ve said this before back in 2021, and we’re here to say it again: What we see in Palestine is not a conflict between two parties; it’s an invasion where the invader is ironically favored and hailed from almost every country across the world — when, in fact, innocent Palestinian citizens are paying the price for being the “targets” of a monstrous state.

As we’re using our voice to raise awareness, Palestinians are suffering restricted access to water, harassed by Israeli settlers who throw trash on them and illegally displace them out of their homes, and killed on a day-to-day basis.

Palestinians are NOT terrorists

Whenever we see the stereotypical frame Palestinians are being trapped into, we can’t help but resent the provoking hypocrisy roaming across the world. But let’s reflect for a moment on a seemingly unrelated event: the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Palestine has never seen peace or witnessed the light of day ever since 1967.

With all the resistance and the uprising against Russia for attacking their homeland, the world was quick to stand and sympathize with Ukrainians who wanted their freedom back — which shows that we can still have faith in humanity and all. Of course, that’s only up until it’s Palestine trying to set itself free from the shackles of a devilish invasion.

Talking gibberish about Palestinians and calling them “brutal,” “extremists,” and “terrorists” is nothing but a pure projection of this Zionist state’s ongoing regime to gain the recognition of the world as a legitimate state. Unlike Israeli settlers who get into Palestinians’ homes by force, Palestinians have been protecting a Jewish woman that they found during their movement inside Israel.

Refuting the ‘Israel at war’ scheme

Israel’s prime minister is currently putting up a front to the world and talking about “retaliation” and making Palestine “pay a price the type of which it has never known”; a guise to justify Israel’s upcoming attacks and eradication attempts.

Palestine has never seen peace or witnessed the light of day ever since 1967. Palestine has never taken a deep breath of fresh air ever since the Israeli occupation. Palestinians have been dispersed across the world, unable to live peacefully in their homeland or visit their families.

Israel is not at war; Israel is the core source of war.

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