Rep. Ilhan Omar Attended Pride and Muslim Twitter Went Nuts

So, at the start of the week, this happened:

Rep. Ilhan Omar took time out of her busy schedule of breaking glass ceilings to attend Pride in her home state of Minnesota. And wouldn’t you know it, Twitter IMPLODED. As could only be expected, reactions ranged across a spectrum of emotions and we watched it all unfold with rapt attention. From the good, the bad, and the hateful, here is what the Twitter-verse had to say about Rep. Omar’s unapologetic display of unity and inclusivity:

1. It Me:


2. Some Were Feeling the Love:


3. Other’s Not So Much:


4. Some Were In the Mood to Fight Hate With Logic:


5. Nader Bsat, You Have a Point:


6. But Love and Unity Always Wins Out:


7. Nothing but Love:


8. Leaving This Truth Bomb Right Here:


9. More Positivity, Because We Live For It:


10. And Finally, the Ultimate Shut Down: