This is What Ramadan is Really About. (Hint: It’s Not Fasting!)

Make this a month where you foster self-discipline, and carry this habit with you after Ramadan ends.

Ramadan teaches us about balance and discipline.  It’s not about excess or extremes; it’s not about reading Quran all day, or sleeping all day. It’s no consolation that when you break your fast, and you try to eat everything at once, you get bloated and feel sick.

Although reading Quran, providing a helping hand in the masjid, or giving zakat is important to increasing the hasanat you get during Ramadan, take this time as a time to reset your life.  

Use the discipline that helps you abstain from food during the day, and apply it to every other aspect of your life.
Ramadan gives you the opportunity to see what you can improve in your life, and you get hasanat in multiple folds for doing what you’re already supposed to do, because Allah SWT reminds you that “And if he draws near to Me an arm’s length, I draw near to him a fathom’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed.”  (Bukhari)

Ramadan gives you the opportunity to come back to Allah SWT.  

It’s a reminder that no matter what you do, Allah SWT will not abandon you and your efforts are recognized. This isn’t a month of competing to see who reads the most Quran, or who stays up the most nights in qiyaam; it’s a month to reflect and to ground yourself.
What I learned is that no amount of motivational quotes or moments of inspiration will help me succeed in this life, or the hereafter.

It’s discipline that pushes you to stay up a couple hours later to study instead of going out; it’s discipline that pulls you out of bed to pray fajr.  

It’s discipline that helps you “just do it” like Nike.
There is no trick to success; there is no secret to getting your five daily prayers in…it’s all about the amount of self-discipline you have.
Motivation alone won’t get you to work those days where you’re running on little to no sleep.
Make this a month where you improve and strengthen your self-discipline, and carry that with you after Ramadan is over.
If you feel as if you’re unable to get certain things done, if you can’t push yourself to worship, use Ramadan as a month to train yourself, and in shaa Allah, it will be worth it in the end.