MuslimGirl EIC Addresses Global Islamic Economy Summit

Organized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Thomson Reuters, this year’s GIES summit focused on bringing together more than 2,000 policymakers and business leaders from all over the world to connect and discuss the crucial issues affecting the global Islamic economy — which implements a certain lifestyle that understands the need to improve how we work with one another, along with how we consume and produce products, services and experiences all around the world.

From Oct. 5-6, the 2015 Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES) took place at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai with the theme: Driving Innovation, Unlocking Potential.’s founder and editor-in-chief, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, was invited to the 2015 GIES Summit as a guest speaker and panel moderator.

On the first day of the GIES Summit, Amani served as a featured panelist on the “Islamic Economy: Mapping the Demographic Dividend Opportunity.”

She spent the following day of the summit moderating the “Islamic Digital Economy: Innovation, Millennials and the Digital Revolution” panel.

Amani spoke about the rising power of the young Muslim consumer demographic in the global economy. Specifically, how Muslim women can and are redefining their place in the global community through economic means.
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Images: Instagram