Our Readers Share 4 Things They Miss About Pre-COVID Ramadans

So many things have changed since the pandemic hit the world, especially during Ramadan. We asked our readers what they missed the most about life during Ramadan in a pre-COVID world, and this is what they had to say.

Iftars in large gatherings are truly missed

@ellesbelles.17 wrote:

iftar in the masjid

@myreenmalik wrote:

Iftar with friends

@bloomin_beauty_style wrote:

The big Iftar parties …hands down!

@afinawwaliah wrote:

Iftar with the gang 😎

@iamrahimenur wrote:

Having iftar with my community

@tala_elessawi wrote:

Friends come over for iftar πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

@amnaqamer_18 wrote:

Every Saturday our local masjid would hold iftar potlucks. I miss that so much!

Taraweeh gatherings are missed tremendously

@caffeinayated wrote:

Post taraweeh hangouts 😞

@_j0hara wrote:

praying in the mosque at night without fear of COVID in mind, its so different, everything is πŸ˜”

@ssarahh098 wrote:

Taraweeh 😭😭

@nafissalima wrote:

The tarraweh prayers that turn into late night ihop runs with friends and the feeling of just being at the mosque with people for halaqas and iftar without anxiety

@roufsay wrote:

Taraweeh in my local mosque

@maysamohmoud wrote:

going to the masjid for taraweeh and iftar

@suriasaid wrote:

The community you’d feel when breaking fast at the masjid or doing taraweeh there

Missing out on community life due to social distancing

@aamxox wrote:

Ramadan with my girls, we are not meeting this month due to covid πŸ™

@_i_purple_you___ wrote:

being together with my dad

@ktnazaruk wrote:

family gatherings πŸ˜­πŸ’”

@eff4ble wrote:

probably hanging out w friends before iftar

@danianajmi wrote:

Suhoor on the road while giving out food to the needy

@a_aliyahd13 wrote:

Just going round and getting food πŸ˜‚

Shopping and Celebrating for Eid

@lets_know_about_god wrote:

The Ramadan shopping

@sxjood wrote:

Many Sudanese people in my city used to get together for Eid and have a big gathering 😒

@alifabaetae wrote:

Going to the market a few days before eid ✨

@nightmime00 wrote:

Going to my hometown on Eid and breaking fast together with friends and family