Obama Makes History in Nominating First Muslim as Federal Judge

Today Abid R. Qureshi makes history as he becomes the first Muslim ever to be nominated to serve as a federal court judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.
Yes, you read it right, people – a Muslim!
You may be asking yourself, who is Abid Qureshi? With litigation experience as a partner for a major law firm in the area, he’s served as lead counsel in more trials than we can count before state and federal courts.
He’s also made it a point to give his time and experience by providing pro bono legal services. This is all just a small shout out of the things he’s accomplished in his lengthy resume contributing to the legal world. The list goes on. Did I mention he graduated from Harvard Law School? Yeah. There’s that, too!
One can only imagine how some of our strongest and most vocal Islamophobes in the political arena and media will be crying out, “Sharia Law!” because of this nomination; however, now is probably the best time to remind all those who seem to read over the comments made by Muslims from all around the world stating, “Muslims follow the land of the law.”
There is no doubt that Attorney Qureshi has the experience and the ability to fairly represent the district as he works toward justice, adhering to the laws of this land.
Muslim Girl, along with other groups advocating for an inclusive judiciary to our state and federal levels, calls for full consideration of Attorney Qureshi by the U.S. Senate as we applaud President Obama for making history with this nomination.