Muslims React to Andrew Tate Converting to Islam

Controversial online figure, Andrew Tate, confirmed he has converted to Islam.

Tate, who is notorious for his radical anti-women beliefs, was banned from social media platforms more than two months ago due to a number of alleged statements he made. Earlier today, he announced on his Gettr account that he is Muslim.

The Muslim community has reacted to this news in a variety of ways, especially considering his prior opinions and remarks toward women.

Muslims across social media are having mixed reactions. Read ahead for what they had to say.

Curious to see if Andrew Tate converting to Islam makes him more or less of a misogynist.

@Halalcoholism VIA TWITTER

Yall do know that andrew tate only accepted islam because he thinks it’s misogynistic right???? him accepting islam is only defaming our religion lol.


As a father of 6 children, Andrew Tate converting made me happier than all of their births combined. Even my nikah didn’t make me this happy no homo.


You can have your personal opinion on andrew tate but gatekeeping religion is extremely weird. we don’t know what his intentions are. people far worse than him have reverted, for Allah guides whom he wills. may Allah guide us all.

@12nnimxo VIA TWITTER

Andrew Tate is given more benfit of the doubt then Muslim sisters.

@baxter21110 VIA TWITTER

Hearing news that Andrew Tate has converted to Islam. Everyone knows he didn’t do it for spiritual reasons but because being a Muslim shelters you from criticism by woke liberals and makes you immune to cancel-culture.

@mxtaverse via twitteR

Fetishises muslim women. he’s no hero. take him for what he is, a misogynistic prick with rape and sex trafficking allegations against him.


If andrew tate changes his ways, good for him, but it doesn’t excuse him of the charges against him. yes converts are forgiven, FOR THEIR SINS. not their crimes, not until the people they’ve hurt have forgiven them. please stop trying to glorify a sex offender misogynist.


Converting to islam absolves you of your personal sins but it does not absolve you of your crimes towards others which you refuse to take accountability for. i don’t care if andrew tate is muslim. i care whether or not this community cares that he’s an unrepentant sex trafficker.

@fatimasflavors via instagram

Andrew Tate used to run an islamophobic twt account when will muslims get that he’s not on our side.


There’s a certain sinister undertone that Muslim men want to convert the likes of Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate. To me, it’s the hopes that these men will accept Islam while being able to religiously justify their sexism Muslim men cling so dearly too.


Andrew Tate promoting porn, breaking families, sex trafficking etc Muslim brothers “may Allah guide him”. Muslim girl wears jeans Our brothers: “dirty munafiq zaaniya”

@HAPPYfatma3 via twitter

Andrew tate lost all his social media platforms. Now he is “converting” to Islam. He knows Muslims jump with excitement if anyone converts. He spots gullibility & how to control his next target of people. This man wants to be treated like a king. He has found his audience.