#MuslimGirlMovieNight at ISNA: He Named Me Malala

There are few leisurely things more enjoyable to the MuslimGirl squad than to Netflix and chill. So, of course, we had to throw an intimate movie night for a few of our friends at ISNA’s 52nd Annual Convention this year in Chicago. We couldn’t think of a better way to showcase women’s and girls’ empowerment than by hosting an advanced screening of Malala Yousafzai’s new documentary, “He Named Me Malala,” sponsored by the Malala Fund.

At the Lake Street Screening Room, we had the opportunity to watch the intimate story of the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in the feature-length documentary. Directed by Academy Award winner Davis Guggeneheim, it lends an insight into Malala’s personal life and follows her as she courageously embarks on profound journeys that aim to fulfill her mission of providing education for all girls. Spoiler alert: Malala gets made fun of by her little brother just as much as the rest of us.

Our select group of attendees were joined by two representatives from the Malala Fund to allow a direct opportunity to unpack the film, discuss Malala’s mission, and examine connections to the Muslim American community. The program also included a follow-up roundtable discussion featuring filmmakers Mohamed Zeyara and Peace House’s Ahmad Hussam.

Often, from our comfortable and privileged homes, it’s hard to realize and understand that many girls around the globe don’t have access to valuable and basic rights like education. But, this is the grim and unfortunate reality we must unite to change, as portrayed in Guggenheim’s inspiring film. Anyone can rise up and champion girls’ education, and the Malala Fund encourages you to join Malala’s mission by simply doing any of the following things:

  • SIGN THE PETITION: Sign the Change.org petition to tell world leaders to fund 12 years of education for all girls around the world.
  • PLEDGE TO SEE THE FILM: Join thousands of girls throughout the US and Canada and pledge to see the film over International Day of the Girl weekend, October 9 -11. Find an event and theater near you at henamedmemalala.com.
  • SHARE WHY YOU STAND #WITHMALALA: Add your voice to the Malala Fund’s #withMalala social action.
  • DONATE: Support local girls’ education projects in countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Sierra Leone and Kenya. Donate now at malala.org to Stand #withMalala.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the #MuslimGirlMovieNight photo booth, shot by Maryam Elarbi.