This Is the Muslim-Focused Newsletter You Need In Your Life

Are you with us? introduces “The Post-Up,” a new weekly newsletter in collaboration with Muslim, an online media project and platform aimed to create a community for the Muslim youth.

Consider “The Post-Up” as your post-Jummah digest, where you receive all the latest and recent news stories pertaining to your Muslim identity. “The Post-Up” aims to provide you with a selection of stories that are relevant and informational to keep you in-the-know at all times.

Our newsletter is sent out every Friday at 2PM Eastern Standard Time. Don’t worry — it won’t clutter up your inbox. If you aren’t already subscribed, be sure to join the 12,000+ others and sign up! You can do so by clicking here.

Here is an example of what to expect every Friday.

Muslim is an all-inclusive media platform started by Muslim youth with the goal of discussing significant issues that many in our community have been avoiding.

With the launch of “The Line-Up” video series on our IGTV channel, we invite all Muslims to a video shoot through a casting call on our social media to talk about a range of topics. We have touched up topics such as dating in Islam, defining hijab, and not feeling “Muslim enough.” Check out our Instagram by clicking here.

Our goal is to showcase the vast perspectives within Islam. We noticed that the Muslim community is lacking a connection with one another, and we aim to build the bridge and unite everyone regardless of the differences in our practice.

“The Post-Up” newsletter is just the start of connecting Muslims, as we aim to keep everyone in-the-know of all news pertaining to their Muslim identities.