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Muslim Ban Guidebook

Muslim Ban Guidebook


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Know your facts and be prepared to cite sources when discussing this issue with your colleagues, peers, and college professors. We’ve collected some resources for reference when needed.

When Islamophobia Turns Violent: The 2016 Presidential Elections:

  • A special report from The Bridge Initiative, A Georgetown University Research Project.

Fact Sheet for Families and School Staff:

  • Limitations on DHS Immigration Enforcement Actions at Sensitive Locations.

Defend Against U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) Raids and Community Arrests:

  • A toolkit (44 pages) produced by the Immigrant Defense Project and the Center for Constitutional Rights. To download the full toolkit with extensive appendices (212 pages), go here.

Local Options for Protecting Immigrants:

  • A collection of city and county policies to protect immigrants from discrimination and deportation. These are from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, December 2016.

What to Do Next to Protect Immigrant Communities:

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Good luck, and stay safe out there, insha’Allah.

Written by the Muslim Girl staff, with contributions by: Ahlam Abdelkader, Amani Hamed, Iman Abid, Halema Wali, Sara Abdi, Azmia Magane, Maysoon Khatib, Naaz Modan, Sepideah Mohsenian-Rahman, and Hasnaa Mokhtar.

Edited by: Maysoon Khatib, Naaz Modan, Azmia Magane, and Shanzay Farzan.

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  • Not really a Muslim ban … Remember Saudi Arabia was the birthplace of most of the 911 attackers yet the Saudis aren’t on the list… By including Iran Trump has shown that its not about terrorism at all …..

    • He has business relations with them that’s why. Cutting off Saudi Arabia would mean no benefits no oil for him and would make the reason why he became president pointless (to grow his business and become powerful and rich).

  • Thanks for the guidebook. Ignore the trolls, it only means your something they are afraid of.
    I never knew there were so many scared, small minded, white men in America.

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