#MonthOfGood: Instagram Encourages You to Share the Good

Ramadan kareem to our brothers and sisters around the world! For the second year in a row, MuslimGirl is thrilled to be teaming up with Instagram for their #MonthOfGood campaign! Inaugurated in 2019, the #MonthOfGood movement is centered on celebrating and sharing acts of good in the global community. The idea is to harness the power of social media and use this digital space as a force to uplift each other, and make the good go viral.

Last year, we had the chance to speak to Sabrina, a data scientist at Instagram, who told us that during Ramadan 2018, Instagram saw over 15 million feed posts about Ramadan between the first and final day of the month! What’s more, during the Holy Month 2019, there were 16 million mentions of the word “Ramadan,” and Instagram’s “Lantern” effect (which will be available again this year) was used over 12 million times.

No doubt, people love to celebrate the moments that matter to them, and Ramadan is no different. In anticipation of this Ramadan, we have already seen the word “Ramadan” used an incredible 4 million times in the past month! While this Ramadan is sure to look vastly different from Ramadans in the past, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If anything, like true Millennials and Gen Z’ers, this is the time to harness the power of social media to embody the spirit of Ramadan — through digital acts of kindness and generosity!

Here’s How You Can Take Advantage of the #MonthOfGood

  • To kick things off, don’t forget to tune in to @muslimgirl every Tuesday at 12PM PST/3PM EST throughout Ramadan for our very own Ramadan Radio! This weekly communal event will give you, our MuslimGirl clique, a chance to congregate virtually with your favorite content creators and highlight a number of important topics centered on what really matters!
Image Credits: Shayma al-Shiri
  • Hit up @instagram for an exclusive look at what Muslim businesswomen and make-up mogul, Huda Kattan, has to say about the #MonthOfGood.
  • Throughout the month, @instagram will be sharing Ramadan moments from content creators around the world, so be sure to keep an eye on their page for special moments courtesy of powerhouses such as @huda, @sarasabry, @amrmaskoun, and @imeldaadams.
The “Lantern” camera effect is back to add a little sparkle to your Ramadan selfies!
Image Credits: Instagram.
  • Attention selfie-lovers everywhere! Instagram is bringing back their popular “Lantern” camera effect and this year, it will feature greetings in English, Arabic, Bahasa, Turkish and Farsi. You loved and used that effect over 12 million times last year, so here’s your chance to re-live the magic!

Above it all, remember that this movement is for YOU. Sure, this Ramadan is likely to look unlike any other Ramadan we’ve ever experienced. But we have the chance to continue acts of kindness and good digitally. Data shows that we are seeing this community gearing up towards the moment through words associated with kindness and acts of good witnessing growth. By sharing these happy moments with each other and using the #MonthOfGood, we can continue the momentum. This isn’t an opportunity I intend to let slide by. How about you?