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Mia Khalifa Talks Being Groomed for Sexual Exploitation

A month ago, content subscription service OnlyFans announced they were banning all sexually explicit content across their platform. However, these plans were axed after millions spoke out, threatening to boycott the site.

Leading up to and in the midst of this, several current/former adult actresses spoke out against those who had sexually manipulated them.

The most prominent actress in this protest is Lebanese-American Mia Khalifa.

The star frequently slams her previous management for “promoting her traumas” for profit, in an attempt to be portrayed as “female empowerment.”

Mia mentions the times she worked in the industry as a lot of it being filmed “without consent.”

Taking to Twitter to share a TikTok video, the influencer opened up about the mental and sexual abuse she suffered during her former career.

The video, with the caption “Pose like the men that have mentally abused and sexually manipulated you,” shows Khalifa striking several poses. She then takes the stance of her ex-husband, who she claims “groomed” her when she was 16 to fulfill his own “twisted fantasies.”

The video quickly went viral, and Mia was met with both sympathy and disgust.

Several users sent her messages to “stay strong,” as “she is not alone in this”.

This feeling of exploitation felt by Mia resonated with thousands of young women across the world. Since then they have shared their stories of grooming and abuse within the industry, finally feeling “comfortable” to do so, as some said.

Others were quick to accuse her of lying and “seeking attention” because she “has no other talent.”

Many have urged Mia to continue to raise awareness about these toxic relationships so other women know what is right and what is not in the industry.

Mia Khalifa continues to be a strong advocate for the empowerment of women through fair and consensual roles.