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Mia Khalifa Takes to Twitter to Defend Bella Hadid and Palestine

Lebanese adult actress turned influencer Mia Khalifa never fails to publicly share her opinions of conflicts in the world. Over the past two weeks, she took to social media to shed light on the historic and ongoing injustices in Palestine.

In recently posted tweets, Khalifa referred to the United States’ support of the Israeli government as “crimes against humanity,” along with heartbreaking photos of the daily struggles faced by Palestinians. Photos included a father clutching his dead baby in his arms, another of a man prostrated to God in prayer. All the pictures have a common theme: Israeli soldiers surround the Palestinians, guns in hand.

This tweet comes after military aid reports were published stating the United States gives away over $3.8 billion annually to Israel with a large majority going to an anti-rocket system for the country, funding an apartheid system which has taken the lives of over 200 people in the past two weeks, as Israel inflicted incessant bombings on the Gaza Strip and raids in the West Bank against Palestinian demonstrators.  

But she was not done calling out the White House, and diverted her tweets to the head man himself. In an impromptu morning tweet, Khalifa claims President Joe Biden “cares more about selling decommissioned second hand military gear and artillery to Netanyahu than […] about death tolls at schools and refugee camps.” This was a tweet many of followers agreed with, stating the President should focus more on the crisis’ in the U.S. instead.

This wasn’t her first time coming for Biden on Twitter.

Mia also took to TikTok to share her endless support for Palestine. In one video, she dances to hit song “Dammi Falastini” by Mohammed Assaf, in response to those who choose to take the “both sides are wrong” argument.

The caption following it was #FreePalestine, a hashtag commonly seen across all her social media platforms, as she continuously goes back and forth with Pro-Israel users whilst still outlining that “it’s anti-Zionism, not anti-Judaism, ever.”

A recent disagreement with a Twitter user saw the Lebanese actress again call out the world’s response to the apartheid as Israel merely “having the right to defend themselves,” but subsequently leaving Palestinians with “the right to lay down and die?”

Mia Khalifa’s long support for those in the Middle East stems from her own struggles living in Lebanon as a child, under the authority of Hezbollah at the time of the Israeli bombings on the country. She says that this experience has helped her to sympathize with the Palestinians, which is why she will always “say #FreePalestine as much as […] Pray for Lebanon”.

Khalifa also called Gal Gadot “genocide Barbie,” which we find rather fitting.

Mia also defended model Bella Hadid, who allegedly lost a Dior contract for her pro-Palestine stance.