#MGAnon: My Best Friend’s Ex Made a Pass at Me

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Q: “Dear Muslim Girl, my best friend and her husband recently divorced, and it’s been really hard on her. Like a day ago, he slid into my DM’s to check up on her because she hasn’t been taking it well (obviously). Anyway, the conversation started to switch up, and he was really flirty. I tried to shoot it down but he kept going, and then told me he’s always had a thing for me and wanted to get to know me better. I would NEVER do that to my friend, ever. But should I tell her? I feel like it will destroy her and I don’t want her to be mad at me. But if she finds out later it’ll be worse, I know it. What should I do?”


A: “Girl, you need to tell her! If it was me, I would want to know even if it would upset me. Like you said, if she finds out later it’s going to be so much worse and she’s not going to trust you if you don’t tell her. Block his ass and keep the screenshots.” 

– Anonymous, Age 22, Nebraska. 


A: “Sis, if you did nothing wrong just show her the convo. If she was a good friend, she wouldn’t put any blame on you because clearly her man is wild. You have to tell her!”

– Anonymous, Age 18, California.


A: “First of all, EW. This makes me so scared to get married. Imagine the entitlement! I think you should tell her, to be honest. She has a right to know if he’s moving to her best friend. Maybe do it when she’s not a wreck though, and bring it up in a really gentle way with proof. She’s not going to be happy about it, but it won’t be directed at you, I don’t think.” 

– Anonymous, Age 25, London.


A: “I wouldn’t tell her. It’s not really going to change anything for her; they’re already divorced. You just need to tell him off and block him. She doesn’t need any more pain and if she does end up finding out, just tell her the truth.”

– Hana, Age 19, Ontario.


A: “I think you should take your time and let her process before you tell her. Maybe she’ll appreciate it later on when you tell her why you waited.”

– Anonymous, Age 23, British Columbia.


A: “Ok so this is what I’m thinking: you should tell her now. Yeah, she’s hurt and going through a lot. But then she can get through everything all at the same time. If you tell her later, then she’s going to have to go through it all again, right? Either way, you should tell her, but just keep that in mind. “

– Warda, Age Withheld, New York.