Lindsay Lohan and Bana Alabed Met With Turkey’s President to Discuss Refugees

On Friday, the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, met with Lindsay Lohan and Bana Alabed. The 7-year-old refugee escaped Aleppo and now lives in Turkey. The Mean Girls actress returned to Instagram with this post.

After the recent “Muslim ban” was passed in the United States, Alabed tweeted a Periscope with Lohan. The two were meeting for the first time.  They then sent a message to Syrian refugees.

Turkey has become a generous hotspot for refugees. Nearly three million refugees live there, and 260,000 are placed in homes sponsored by the public. Nearly half a million Syrian children go to school in Turkey, and 250,000 refugees have completed higher education programs.

Last year, Turkey became the world’s second largest humanitarian donor after the United States.



In a statement on the visit, Lohan said, “I am extremely grateful that the president and first lady invited me to come speak with them. They are very kind people with loving hearts.”

Her manager, Scott Carlsen, said:  “The visit to meet the president and first lady was extraordinary and eye opening. We will be forever grateful, thankful. We also spoke about working with them on some humanitarian projects in the future, so stay tuned!”