ICYMI: The #MuslimWomensDay Conversations Surrounding All Things Fashion, Beauty, and Media

As the third annual #MuslimWomensDay campaign came to a conclusion, we came face to face with a tsunami of original content celebrating and elevating Muslim women taking their respective fields by storm.

From a barrage of original art, emotional odes, and proclamations of allyship that flooded our timelines and newsfeeds arose narratives that depicted the strength and resilience that Muslim women had to offer.

We were all faced with the most important conversations centered around the lives and daily realities of Muslim women, in addition to the presence of Muslim women in the fields of beauty, fashion, and all forms of media being brought to the spotlight.

Here, we highlight the very best of these conversations, courtesy of a list featuring articles cultivated and featured by our partners and allies this #MuslimWomensDay. Whether you’re looking for the best place to find modest fashion and street-wear, or the implications of media representation, we’ve got you covered:

1. I’m So Jealous You Get To Read ‘The City of Brass’ By S. A. Chakraborty For The First Time.


2. 4 Muslim Women on Representation, Headscarves, and Caring for Their Hair.


3. Local Libraries Lack Muslim Stories. These Sisters Are Changing That.


4. 4 Black Muslim Celebs Who You Need To Stan Immediately.


5. Pro Tips Every Makeup-Obsessed Hijabi Woman Should Know.


6. The 7 Best Places to Find Modest Fashion & Streetwear for Muslim Women.


7. 8 Muslim Woman Characters Challenging Stereotypes in Entertainment.


8. Salwa Rahman Reflects on Her Makeup Journey and the Importance of Muslim Representation in Beauty.


9. 10 Muslim-Owned Fashion and Beauty Brands You Need to Know.


10. Hana Tajima’s New Modest Collection For Uniqlo Is Here!


11. Huda Quhshi Tells Us Why Covered Women Deserve Better Hair Salons.


12. The Problem With America’s Hijab Fixation.


13. Vogue Arabia Makes History, Puts Three Black Hijabi Models on the Cover.


14. Reem Motaweh Discusses What Dressing Modestly Means to Her.