How to Prepare For Our Second Ramadan in Quarantine

Observing Ramadan last year in quarantine was hectic and challenging for many of us. And with it being amidst a pandemic for the second time, many of us are feeling so lonely already — especially those of us living alone or are converts — but we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of how you can prepare for your second Ramadan while quarantined.

Change your perspective

While Ramadan has been known for its gatherings and sense of community, given the persistent existence of COVID-19, it’s crucial now more than ever before to be mindful of the fact that the spirituality of Ramadan is way more than just those aspects. It’s the month of charity, dhikr, reciting and contemplating the holy Qur’an, supplications (du’as), and extra voluntary prayers like Tahajjud and Taraweeh prayers — most of which, if not all, can totally be done, felt and even more enjoyed, in a total state of seclusion where it’s just you, Allah ﷻ, and His angels.

Nothing is more heartwarming than realizing that this quarantine is an opportunity bestowed upon us from Allah ﷻ so that we can have time with Him, and only Him, and His angels — so much so, He made us the perfect secluded quiet environment that can make us feel His presence. If anything, it’s a beautiful reminder of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and how he always loved being secluded in the cave of Hira even before receiving his first revelation.

Plan to keep track of your spiritual and religious progress

Struggling during Ramadan is normal. And, let’s state the obvious: nobody’s progress in Ramadan is linear, but having the intentions in the first place and then focusing on matching our actions with these prior intentions are key. The Prophet ﷺ said “He who intended to do good, but did not do it, one good was recorded for him, and he who intended to do good and also did it, ten to seven hundred good deeds were recorded for him.”

So when you go off track, instead of getting discouraged, strive to get back on track, and always remember that we strive to thrive.

Make sure you’ll stay hydrated

Being dehydrated can exacerbate anxiety and depression — things we wouldn’t want their company, especially during this holy month. So make sure you always have sufficient intake of fluids once you break your fast until Fajr prayer. 

Relish Your plan with some workouts!

A moving body is a healthy body, and while many of us have shifted to work remotely and communicate over Slack, nobody wants to be the subject of some jokes about being a slacker during Ramadan for being out of stamina. Work out your body and keep it energetic, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

Be mindful of how the spirituality of Ramadan is better tHan a million meditations

Instead of focusing on the loneliness of Ramadan without the norms we’ve been brought up to be used to, it’s important that we start to be mindful of the fact that if we wanted to practice meditation, we would simply go to a quiet room where we wouldn’t be disturbed — and that’s the same case for Ramadan. I love to think of Ramadan as a 30-day divine meditation course. And being quarantined, Allah ﷻ wants us to connect with Him in seclusion.

How will you be preparing for Ramadan?

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