How Much is the Royals’ Stolen Lahore Necklace Worth?

It’s no secret that the media has been mesmerized by the jewelry the Royals wore to the Coronation, especially the necklace worn by Queen Camilla. But, the necklace went viral on social media for reasons that the Royals might not want to get all the attention.

The sparkling jewel chosen by Queen Camilla is known as the Lahore Necklace. It was stolen from Pakistan when the British invaded and looted The Lahore Fort in 1849. The Lahore Necklace is actually the most expensive necklace in the world, comprising 161 carats and weighing 22.5 carats.

Twitter took up a storm when it was revealed that Queen Camilla chose the Lahore Necklace for the Coronation ceremony.

Will The Royals Ever Return the Stolen Jewels?

It is historically documented that the British monarchy, over centuries, stole a significant amount of precious jewels and artifacts from nations through colonization. The Lahore Necklace is just one of many pieces of jewelry stolen from colonized lands.

The Royals Are Apparently Famous For Wearing Stolen Jewelry

The British Empire heavily expanded through imperialism, which explains how most of the historical artifacts such as jewelry were unjustly taken from nations they conquered. The Royal Family’s historical ties to the British Empire are inevitably rooted in the exploitation of colonial subjects.

It’s Safe to Say Queen Camilla Gets Credit For Nothing

The jewels of the Royal Family are often passed down from generation to generation as heirlooms. These precious and valuable items hold significant historical and cultural value and are often considered to be national treasures. So, it comes as no surprise that Queen Camilla did not own anything she wore at the Coronation.

Now, to the real point at hand.

The beauty and monetary value of the Lahore Necklace are unmatched. But the sad reality is, no one can buy the jewels that the Royal Family owns, even though they are stolen.

When do we get a Netflix special about this?

The theft of the necklace worn by Queen Camilla during the coronation is a stark reminder of the long-standing issue of cultural heritage theft at the hands of the British Empire. The fact that a priceless artifact from the Lahore Fort, a symbol of Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage, could find its way into the possession of the British Crown is a testament to the urgent need for greater awareness and protection of cultural artifacts.

And remember, kids: not everything that glistens is gold.