Here’s One Thing To Remember if Your Prayers Feel Rushed

We live in a world overloaded with information, distraction, noise, and overwhelming factors. Our senses are constantly being stimulated from every direction, subhanAllah. 

We all, at times, find it difficult to focus during our prayers, and reflect upon the verses.  Most of our thoughts come to us unintentionally; we can’t control them 100%.  Very few people can control their flow of thoughts in their prayers.  And we also have the fact that our  24/7 enemy shaytan tries to deviate us during our prayers.  The continuous agitation hinders us from being in the moment, from being mindful. It’s like we are living in the past or the future, but rarely in the current moment.  

Why rush your prayer when you are offering your salah to the Creator of the Time? 

But alhamdullilah, there are lots of solutions. One of the solutions that is very efficient is having the firm belief  that Allah SWT has control of everything, including over the noisy environment we live in. 

We can reduce this noisy impact by being just aware of one simple thing, which is knowing and continuing to remind yourself right before performing your salah that you are going to stand in front if the Almighty, in front of the Lord of the Times, of the One who detains the Time. So why rush your prayer when you are offering your salah to the Creator of the Time? 

It Immediately slows down your wandering mind, right? Just that thought alone can create such a powerful awareness of the way we pray. 

If you make this simple practice a constant habit,  you will see positive results in sha Allah. You will notice that being present in your salah will become natural, and you will also observe more khusoo (concentration). 

About the author

Lalla Magou Hadda Cissé is an Afro-European from Mauritanian, Malian, and Senegalese origins. She is the daughter of Prince Cissé Zakaria Ibn Kaine. Lalla’s story reads like a fairytale story filled with trials, strength, courage, and triumph. She is a mum of two who was once widowed at a very young age. She turned to life coaching as an outlet for grief, and as a way to handle stress. She is the founder of Soul Empowered Sisters. Her goal is to help women live a full spiritual and intentional life beyond life’s hardest moments.