Here’s How 4 Muslim Girls Are Keeping Busy While Social Distancing

These are unprecedented times. You might be finding yourself at home longer than you initially thought, or if your business is essential, you might even be out more. If you fall under the first category, here’s how four staff members at Muslim Girl have been keeping themselves busy and sane throughout this crazy time.

Family Time Forever

“As a teacher, I’m moving to distance education and I’m trying to find ways to connect with my students. As a mom, I’m spending more quality time with my daughter, and also getting ready for her distance learning to start. In between all of that, I’m getting in some writing and reading for fun.” -Jessica Daqamsseh, Contributing Writer.

Essentially, I’m Essential

“During this crazy pandemic, I’m still working because my office is considered essential, but staying home and not having to run errands like paying bills and going to school is a bit of a relief! I wish I could be more homebound sometimes. I want to catch up on reading and spending time with my kiddos. Please take advantage of the time with your loved ones; remember it won’t last forever! Try coloring, reading books as a family, or sharing stories. Maybe watch a series together. Let’s kick coronavirus in the butt, and rest our bodies and our souls!” -Gameelah Alsamah, Contributing Writer.

Let’s Get Creative

“I’m taking this opportunity to learn a new skill. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to have some sort of artistic skill, so I figured this was the perfect time to teach myself the wonderful art of watercolor painting. I slipped out to get some cost-effective materials on a pre-quarantine grocery run, and now I can get creative!” -Manal Moazzam, Lead Editor at Muslim Girl.

Time Is On Your Side

“As a recent college graduate, I’ve been attending online interviews and honing my skills. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with the family and learning new skills by taking online classes. I also use the time to update my resume and adjust my online portfolio. I also recommend taking breaks and watching shows to keep yourself sane. It’s okay to take a break.” -Amani Salahudeen, Contributing Writer.

This pandemic has escalated quickly, and it looks like we should start bracing ourselves to spend Ramadan indoors. Although the masjids might be closed, you will be getting this time to spend inside praying together as a family, and there’s bound to be some value in that.

So Verily, With Difficulty, There is Relief.


“Indeed, with every difficulty, comes relief.”