Check Out These 8 Stylish Quarantine Eid Looks

We are loving these beautiful 2020 quarantine COVID-19 Eid looks. Just goes to show you that a pandemic can’t stop our fierce Muslim sisters from showing the world how we turn up for Eid al Fitr.

The henna, the outfit, the decor…it’s all perfection.

For the love of everything shiny and bronze, this is heavenly. We would love to sit on the grass with her and color something pretty from her basket of goodies.

Is she twirling for us? We’re loving the graphics from her ensemble.

This pretty in pink look is too sweet to not love. (And the baby to match! GUHHH! So cute!)

The ruffles, the colors, the turban — it’s all put together to perfection.

The makeup is flawless, which matches her flawless dress and turban. And she is bursting with confidence in her pose and setting. We really like this look.

Hello, fashion! Not much else to say because the picture says it all.

And while fashion is in our blood, the decorations and gifts for our little ones made this 2020 quarantine Eid familiar and comforting.

What are some of your favorite Eid looks? Tag us on Instagram (@muslimgirl) so we can see!