To My Brave Muslim Sisters in the Era of Trump

Written by Shaykh Hasib Noor

Fear is natural. Anxiety of the unknown is human.

We are here to not disregard your natural fears & your questions about maintaining your hijab.

But this fear should not translate to feeling helpless & hopeless.

You have many examples in your struggle, you are not alone.

Sumayyah, who stood firmly for her faith.

Um Ammarah, who defended the Prophet, peace be upon him.

Um Sulaym, who took care of believers.

Aisha, the outspoken scholar of scholars.

Zaynab, a quiet mountain in the care of the weak, orphans, & poor.

Umm Salamah, among many advisors.

Seek your strength in hope in God & His protection.

Seek your resolve & steadfastness knowing He is worth it… & THEY are not.

Our faith guides us, even in our emotion, and is founded in trusting God:

“Do not fear them, but fear Me, if you are true believers.”  [Quran 3:175]

God has purpose that we trust in.

“God always prevails in His purpose, though most people do not realize it.” [Quran 12:21]

We are here to protect.
We are here to defend.
We are here to support all of our sisters and do our UTMOST in doing so.

Our faith is one of compassion for all of humanity.

But it is also a faith of standing our ground against oppressors.

Cowards intimidating innocents are met with strength.

As br Malcolm, may God have mercy on his soul, said,

“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”

I advise myself, my sisters, & my brothers with:

Unshakable trust in God.
Standing strong in a time we need all on board.

This is not the time to sit.
It’s time to stand.

Never question your resolve because of the barking threats of cowards.

“We have no idea whether evil is intended for those on the earth, or whether their Lord intends them to be rightly guided.”  [Quran 72:10]

“Say, ‘Only what God has decreed will happen to us. He is our Master: let the believers put their trust in God.’” [Quran 9:51]

“Say I believe in Allah and stand firm.” – Our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him

“God is with those who are mindful of Him and who work with excellence.” [Quran 16:128]

& Excellence

God is with us.

And He is enough for you & I.

Rise up

Unapologetically Muslim.

All day.
Every day.

May Allah continue to bless & protect you all.