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Abayas Are Not Just for ‘Aunties’ at the Mosque Anymore

Fashion trends change with seasons each year, and with the introduction of social media, fashion trends change even faster. In this hyper-consumer-ism world, finding fashion trends that transcend decades is hard. Lucky for us, abayas are a fashion statement that has been a part of our lives for centuries.

Abayas are loose garments known by many other names across different cultures and have been around for more than 4000 years. Historians say the abaya originated in Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq. However, historians also note that the abaya was only introduced to Saudi Arabia around 80 years ago, mostly worn by nomads and Bedouins to fight against the desert winds. 

Several countries have adopted the abaya as a clothing staple and localized its features. Saudi Arabia, for example, kept the abaya simple with its black color and thick material. As time went by, countries changed the abaya into a more fashionable statement, adding matching hijabs, sewing them with different materials, with colored fabrics bedazzled with jewels and stones. Most Middle Eastern countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many others, have now included the abaya as either a part of their national clothing or a highly sought-after staple.

The timelessness of the abaya is highly appreciated by Muslim girls who store at least one in their closet.

Abayas are loose, versatile, and adaptable, which is perhaps why they’ve retained their relative popularity through the harsh fashion climate and increased demand. The timelessness of the abaya is highly appreciated by Muslim girls who store at least one in their closet.

Abayas are the only piece of clothing that can match almost every occasion, season, and style. Its inclusivity makes it so appealing to everyone that even those who don’t normally wear abayas or have never tried one are looking into investing in at least a few. Thankfully, the fashion world has noticed, making it easier to find the perfect one for that special occasion. We’ve compiled a list of a few websites from around the world selling high-quality abayas. 

Fajr Noor

This Australian brand has overtaken the world with its innovative yet elegant styles. Shipping worldwide, Fajr Noor has an abaya that would suit all types. 

ZahraA the Label

Zahraa the Label houses the next generation, modest fashion wear for the modern Muslim woman. 


A Turkish-owned company, Modanisa is well-known worldwide for its unique Turkish styles and affordable prices. Their abayas are beautiful.


A UK-based brand, AbayaButh specializes in modern yet graceful abayas. 


With their chic and elegant designs, ByHasanat has abayas for every fancy occasion.


Affordable and modest, EastEssence houses dozens of different abayas for Muslims worldwide. 

Abayas have become a symbol of modesty, elegance, and grace. They have come to embody the essence of Muslim women around the world. And to us, it looks like the abaya isn’t going anywhere.

Asiya is a writer and journalist based in Brisbane, Australia.