Here Are 12 Muslim Candidates Who Made History in 2022

Muslim candidates set a new precedent this year. In case you missed it, here are twelve of the amazing trailblazers who won their races across the U.S.


Nabeela Syed made history in this year’s midterms when she defeated a Republican incumbent in Illinois’s 51st District, making her the youngest member of the Illinois General Assembly and among the first Muslims elected to the state legislature.

2. Abdelnasser Rashid

Abdelnasser Rashid also became the first Muslim elected to the Illinois legislature.

3. Nabilah Islam

Nabilah Islam is the first-ever Muslim and the youngest woman to be elected to the Georgia Senate.

4. Farooq Mughal

Farooq Mughal will be the first Pakistani and Muslim-American in the Georgia State House.

5. Ruwa Romman

Ruwa Romman makes history as the first hijab-wearing Muslim woman and Palestinian woman elected into the Georgia House of Representatives.

6. Mana Abdi

Mana Abdi is the first Somali-American to be elected as the member of the Maine House of Representatives.

7. Deqa Dhalac

In Maine, Deqa Dhalac, who made history last year as the first Somali American mayor for a U.S. city, South Portland, has now been elected to the State House after defeating Republican opponent Michael Dougherty.

8. Munira Abdullahi

Munira Abdullahi was elected as Ohio’s first Somali American woman lawmaker.

9. Ismail Mohamed

Ismail Mohamed, a lawyer, was elected as the first Somali Muslim man in the Ohio Legislature.

10. Zaynab Mohamed

Zaynab Mohamed makes history as youngest woman elected to Minnesota Senate.

11. Suleman Lalani

Texas voters elected the first Muslim lawmakers to the state’s Legislature. One of them being, Suleman Lalani, a doctor who advocates for health care reform. He won election to House District 76 in Fort Bend County.

12. Salman Bhojani

Salman Bhojani also became the first Muslim and first South Asian ever elected to represent House District 92 in Tarrant County.