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8 Muslim Girl Readers Tell Us Their Jinn Stories

Since it’s Halloween, we can’t help but remember the many times we found ourselves freaking out after hearing some weird noises while we’re home alone. Our parents taught us that jinns live around us and that some of them are good, while others are evil, leaving us wondering whether or not the ones we have around us are actually nice. 

Whether you’ve encountered a situation where you thought there must be a jinn around or not, chances are you’ve already heard some spooky stories from people you know. And if you haven’t until now, we asked your fellow Muslims about their spooky jinn stories, and here are just a few of the ones that captivated us the most.

No, because wallahi it was the night of Ramadan. I went to my Room to grab something and suddenly, I see some kind of shadow thingy RUNNING towards me from under my bed. I RAN for my life.

— @Noorawattar

The night of Ramadan! Audhubillah, sis! We know devils get chained in Ramadan but, what about Jinn? Why hasn’t it ever occurred to us! Now we know this will haunt us during our next Ramadan. And, we weren’t ready for this.

I was at a Hindu family friend’s house with my cousins, and when I looked above the fire place where they had a picture of one of the gods, a flower fell right through the ceiling onto the floor.

Well, Alhamdulillah it was just a flower. But now we know how it is like to have a nice jinn. I mean, that’s definitely a nice jinn there if they opted for flowers! 

My sister was doing dishes at the same house and there was a cookie on the counter; the whole pack of cookies slid off the counter, and they all broke exactly the same in half.

Believe it or not, that jinn had been playing fruit ninja for years, and it was their time to rise and shine with the skill set!

Watch Hassan! 😂


Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no! Not Hassan Bar Bar! We definitely don’t want that here, sis! We just wanted the funny side of spooky jinn stories. 

In case you don’t know who Hassan Bar Bar is, he’s a YouTuber that focuses on horror jinn stories.



Jinns are legit though, sis! Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, you still won’t be able to help but recall all of the spooky jinn stories because of the whole entire timing. Timing is everything, sis. Timing is everything.

I love you, but Halloween shouldn’t be a topic here at all; we’re Muslims not kufrs.


We love you back, sis. But the important question is, doesn’t Halloween make you remember jinns, or are you normal?

Omg love that you put Kim K there 😂


My friend thought a jinn grabbed her arm when we pulled a prank on her 💀💀


Poor girl, you all did her so dirty. That’s a real friend there for putting up with your scary pranks!

Sometimes I feel so ugly that the jinns are the ones who’ll say audhubillah


Oh, no sis! That’s not what we do here at Muslim Girl. Repeat after us, queen: “I’m a Muslim woman and I talk back.” Now go to that mirror and talk back to that reflection with the utmost love that she deserves! 

Jokes aside, we enjoyed reading your spooky jinn stories so much! It’s been so refreshing to read, and we hope you’ve had a good laugh too! Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their stories! We wish we could share all the responses! 

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