7 Muslim Girls Talk About Their First Time Fasting

Let’s be real, people: fasting ain’t easy for the faint of heart. Scratch that. Fasting just ain’t easy. Periodt. So, whenever someone chooses to do it willingly, for the first time, we admire them for their sacrifice. Whether it’s to join their Muslim friend in solidarity for the month of Ramadan, or because they are a new convert/revert…or maybe it’s someone who was born to Islam, but finally decided this was going to be the year they made their intention to fast, we salute you.

The following are excerpts from our friends who are fasting for the first time this Ramadan. Their reasons and experiences thus far are amazing. Let’s all make dua for them to keep their willpower strong and their hearts full of love during this holy month of Ramadan and beyond. Amin.

Reel Eltayeb (@for.reels):

“Officially fasting for the first time this Ramadan has taught me more discipline and humbled me greatly. When it’s time for iftar, I always remember that when maghrib hits I have the privilege to sit down and eat a meal with my family, when millions don’t have that same privilege, the privilege to eat. Remembering that helps me stay grounded when I’m fasting and discourages me from complaining about my hunger. It also encourages me to do more around my community. I’ve even been wanting to volunteer at a nearby soup kitchen.

Baytun (@baytunnn) wrote:

I am a Muslim convert. I converted to Islam in November. I had been studying the religion for a while and I remember the days after I recited the Shahada were full of complete peace and bliss. Little did I know that feeling would multiply a thousand percent once Ramadan came. It is my first Ramadan, and I can hardly put in words how it is positively affecting me. I am realizing that everything and everyone in my life is so precious, and I couldn’t be more thankful for all I have. Fasting so far has taught me that I do take a lot for granted, and I am thankful that I can finally recognize that and change for the better inshallah. Alhamdulillah for everything!

Tyrene/Ty (@carlypsotwin) wrote:

I’ve only been a Muslim for about two months now, and I decided that it would be good for me to fully participate in Ramadan. The feeling of hunger really settled in severely when Ramadan first started, yet it really opened my eyes to how grateful I should be to eat in the first place, which prevented me from breaking it!

Reema (@ream_uh) wrote:

Yes it is [my first year fasting]!! I recently got my period, around last year on 9/11 actually! 😭 It’s my second day fasting now, and I am happy to be participating! 😁

@Mursa_lena sent us a message from her friend:

I never fasted in my life before, so when fasting for the first time, it was really hard. My energy level and my mood in general was just not it. But all I thought about was the benefit of doing so, the purpose behind it, and mainly keeping in mind of fasting for my Lord. It started becoming easier and easier from keeping all that in mind. Alhamdulillah, it taught me so much on the way. I learned to control myself, not waste food, be more patient, and be more generous towards people.  

Alhamdulillah for the blessed month and everything Allah SWT gives us. 🤲🏼 🥰

@Arina.kaki wrote:

This is my first Ramadan ever, since I converted in June 24th last year, exactly one month after Eid, and I was so grateful to have been guided to the straight path by our Lord, alhamdulillah. I’m located in Denmark, and we break our fast here around 20:30.

Meredith (@Mereemaid) wrote:

The year is my first Ramadan experience. My choosing to fast for my first Ramadan is an exciting start to this new journey in my life. I am writing this during my second day of Ramadan. Fasting was a bit tougher on the first day of Ramadan. I’ve never tried any type of fasting before.This year I’m focusing on discipline, something I lack. I am very used to consuming and “treating” myself. I have been fortunate enough to always tell myself “yes” when wanting things. Being disciplined for this next month is going to be challenging. I know fasting will truly open my eyes to seeing other people’s perspective in regards to food. I am also going to try fasting from my spending habits and only buy essentials such as gas and groceries. I am hoping to donate the money I would usually spend on myself on some organization that impacts my community. Being disciplined throughout my days so far has also opened a large dialogue with myself. I’m being more positive, and showing gratitude for my life and this new chapter in it.

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