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7 Inspirational Videos For Reverts

Embracing the religion of Islam is a great honor. However, entering into a new religion can be daunting. Finding a support system and navigating through life’s moments can seem difficult for reverts. Here is a list of inspirational and motivating videos for reverts as they journey through Islam!

The Internet Can Be a Supportive


incredibly happy and filled with joy with the amount of support and love ive gotten from my muslim brothers and sisters ❤️ May Allah bless us on our journey with our deen 🙏🏽 #muslimrevert #hispanicmuslim

♬ Where you are (Vocals only) – Halal Beats

You can find a virtual support system as you journey through Islam.

Fellow Reverts For Motivation


Honestly, it took soooo long as a new Muslim to start putting all the pieces together to get a comprehensive idea about the faith and things FINALLY started making a little more sense. Since I’ve been predominantly self-taught, I had a lot of trial and error along the way, and what I realized is that my struggle time would have been reduced had someone just sat me down and explained things from an overview so that I could understand it all more comprehensively. But instead I was just kind of thrown into things and started learning all sorts of random things and just kind of struggled & fumbled around until something clicked or became familiar— kind of like someone thrown into a job with no experience. We definitely can figure it out like this, but I think it’s so much more efficient to sit new employees down and put them through a training before they’re actually begin to work… and I don’t think it’s any different for new Muslims. I get so many emails and DMs from new reverts asking how to gain knowledge in terms of learning the faith, Arabic, how to pray/fast, etc which tells me that everyone else is having a hard time learning & teaching themselves too. I have a degree in psych and love Industrial/organizational psychology which focuses on processes and improving efficiency. So naturally, I’ve taken islam and dissected my own experience so that I can help you streamline your own learning process— with the goal of cutting on the trial and error time in it all. The reality is, when you’re teaching yourself.. it’s a lot of info to learn, and I know firsthand how hard it was to try to figure everything out. Which is probably why I get so many emails & dms from new Muslims asking how to learn Islam, Arabic, how to pray/fast, make friends, come out to your families, etc. I put together a course w learning tools & 3 hours of videos, and I’ll be posting more about it when it’s closer to the launch, I can’t wait to help & share more with you guys. ❤️ rrevertrrevertmuslimrreverttoislammmuslimnnewmuslimmmuslimrevertconverttoislam #revert2islam #revertproblems #reverttiktok #convertmuslim #muslimtiktok

♬ original sound – Candace

The Blonde Muslim shares content of what it’s like to be a revert in the West.

Revert Stories To Feel Inspired

Sometimes we need to hear a revert story so we feel inspired as Muslims.

You Never Have To Feel Alone

Chances are other reverts have similar struggles – so don’t feel alone.

Voice Your Struggles

The best way to get others to know about your struggles is by voicing them. When you talk about your challenges, you open a window of opportunities to find solutions.

Never Lose Sight


Once we realize this life is just a test it will become easier to please Allah swt cconvertmuslimmmuslimwomennnewshahadammodestfashionhhijabihhijabitiktokmmuslimtiktokrreligionislamiislamiislamicvideoscconvertingtoislamr#revertmuslim

♬ original sound – MB

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed as a revert, but keep in mind why you reverted in the first place. As Muslims, we are striving toward a purpose and an eternal Hereafter. Keeping these things in sight makes every day less daunting.

We See Your Victories


New Muslims (Converts) character arcs go up Ma’sha’Allah 😂 #Islam #Deen #Convert #MuslimTikTok #fyp #convertmuslim #Muslim

♬ original sound – Abdulai Freeman

Every little accomplishment or victory does not get unnoticed. As you learn more about Islam and adapt to the principles of your everyday life, know that Allah (SWT) will reward you immensely for all your efforts.

May Allah (SWT) make it easy for all reverts who are on the path of Islam!