7 Black Muslim Influencers To Follow on Instagram

Black History Month is here! While we should celebrate the many achievements and honours of the Black community — and Black Muslims specifically — throughout the entire year, this specific month gives us a chance to cast a spotlight specifically on them.

In a world where Instagram has taken over and our lives revolve around consuming content within the blink of an eye, let’s take a moment to appreciate a few special Instagram influencers. These Black Muslim women have garnered thousands upon thousands of followers for their innovative and relatable content. Each influencer has so much to show and such talent that it’s hard not to obsess over and follow all of them for advice, makeup tips, and general day-to-day things!

Aysha Harun

Ethiopian-Canadian and living in LA, Aysha Harun is an Instagrammer with over 200,000 followers! She’s also got a Youtube channel and has content on all things beauty and lifestyle. Her videos are always super entertaining and informative, and she knows everything about makeup.

Hodan Yusuf

A mother of four children and founder of Turbrand, Hodan Yusuf is an influencer that doesn’t shy away from speaking the truth. A beauty blogger, she makes sure her experiences living as a Black Muslim woman and the difficulties she’s faced are heard by her almost 300,000 followers on the platform.

Zainab Hasan

Zainab Hasan is a Nigerian beauty influencer living in the UK. With her flawless makeup looks and her inspirational captions, Zainab has gotten quite a large following of almost 70,000 on Instagram. She’s been using her platform to teach and show the world her bold and beautiful makeup looks in a classy yet chic fashion.


London-based Somali influencer Sagal has a wide range of content ranging from beauty and skincare to lifestyle and motherhood. With almost 200,000 followers on Instagram, she’s made sure her journey as a mother is spotlighted and shown to the world. And her gorgeously designed African turban style wraps are absolutely to-die-for.

Yasmine Simone

Yasmine Simone is a mother, beauty blogger, and fashionista. With over 200,000 followers, Yasmine’s content is always lively and exciting, and she speaks about motherhood, skincare, life and, of course, beauty. Her hijab styles are absolutely to die for and so are her flawless makeup looks.



A current pre-med college student, Fatou is always ready to give out easy study tips and show her growing following how to rock the college life in style. The 22-year-old Guinean is currently living in Philadelphia for grad school after being born and raised in New York. She’s not just a studious young woman; she’s also a beauty guru and shares tips and tricks on makeup and skincare as well.

Zeinah Nur

Zeinah Nur is a Manchester-based mum of two gorgeous kids who is always looking super glamourous. She shares her tips and tricks on keeping a tidy and organised home, puts up recipes for delicious meals, and is always ready to give out advice on anything life, family, beauty, or home related to her almost 100,000 followers.

And while these few women are mostly beauty-based influencers, there are dozens more that produce content of every kind. So make sure you give them all a follow!

Asiya is a writer and journalist based in Brisbane, Australia.