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7 Best Islamic Universities to Know About

College education is important today, especially if you’re looking to work in a highly-paid position. Going to university is one way to make this happen, since virtually any research program in the world or career opportunity will ask for you to have a diploma. Knowing which schools to choose is highly important, since this direct your life path.

First, let’s explore how going to college can help your future career, and then, let’s look at the best Islamic universities you should check out. 

How Can College Influence My Career?

There are many ways in which college will influence your career, and put you on the right path to success. We’ll present some of the most important reasons below. 

Gaining knowledge of what you truly want in life. In college, you can choose your desired study path – some students might choose to study business administration, while others might be more interested in psychology. Some might go into accounting, and others might choose to study sociology. Without researching your options, you might not know exactly what you like and could end up disappointed with your choices. 

Developing scientific skills. You will learn how to research, how to argue your point of view, and how to find arguments that stick. You’ll learn the importance of facts, and ways in which you can expose your opinion without hurting others. You don’t have to be a professional writer to know that science is crucial to human development – by writing assignments that matter, you can add something valuable to the scientific world. Plus, if you’re stuck and need essay help, you can contact any professional writer with experience; this is a good choice for every student in need. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help; it’s okay to have questions. This is how we evolve. 

Developing soft skills. You will learn how to become part of a team and collaborate with your classmates. This will, in return, help you improve your communication skills and hasten the process of achieving your goals. Plus, keep in mind, soft skills are super important in the workplace.

Honing your work ethic. A university diploma shows that you’ve achieved your goals, and you’re moving in the right direction. It shows that you can work independently and within a team, and that you’ve got strong willpower. Plus, if you’ve finished college, you’re probably analytical and highly valuable to your next employer. 

Growing your social network. Going to college is valuable for academic purposes, of course, but it can also be a valuable way to meet new people and make new connections. As long as you develop a valuable network, you’re bound to succeed. The more people you’re able to connect with, the more doors will open for you. 

Growing your self-confidence. Increasing your self-esteem is another important part of attending university. The more satisfied you are with yourself, the better your results will look. Great confidence can quickly lead to great achievements, so becoming aware of your real value is important. 

What Are the Best Islamic Universities in the World?

If you’re looking to study at an Islamic university, here are your top options. Check them out and let’s get you started. 

Cairo University, Egypt 

One of the top Islamic universities you can enroll in, Cairo University is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and ranks 747 on the global scale. It’s a great place to study engineering and medicine. 

The Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine

Probably one of the best universities in Palestine, this college has a population of more than 20,000 students. It is one of the biggest Islamic colleges in the world, ranking 3rd in this category. The acceptance rate is 60-70%.

University Cadi Ayyad, Moroco

This Moroccan university is best for studying science, technology, arts and humanities, or enrolling in a multidisciplinary program. It is also known as the University of Marrakech.

Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

JUST has a low admissions rate, since it ranks 2,315 in the global university top. The best areas of study are agriculture, medicine, and engineering.   

International Islamic University, Islamabad & Saudi Arabia

You can get a bachelor’s, Master’s, or doctorate degree by attending IIUI. The college has a comprehensive list of programs and ranks 2,957 in the world’s top. 

Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Dating back to 1961, this university has some of the best programs in the country. If you’re international, you could sign up for their “Teaching Arabic for Non-native speakers” course. 

Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

Relatively new, this university is public and offers many programs for study. Unfortunately, this university does not offer students graduate programs. 

Studying at an Islamic university is a great way to keep in touch with your traditions. Studying along with your peers and getting high quality education at the same time is valuable experience that you’re sure to learn a lot from, both academically and experientially.

Helen Birk is a student and part-time professional writer. She likes helping students get professional writing help. She is currently working on a new book, and getting inspired by stories from around the world.