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6 Ways To Share Faith With Your Child

In this day and age, it’s harder to raise your children in your faith. There are many parents out there that don’t choose to bring their children into their faith, but you want to share it with yours. How can you do that in the modern age? Here are some ways you can share your faith, and make your relationship with your children even closer. 

Lead By Example

First, to bring your children into your faith you need to be actively taking part in it yourself. Attending places of worship, reading holy texts, prayer and more are all ways you can actively be a member of your faith. If your child sees you doing this, they will then follow your example. 

“It’s hard for children to get involved in their faith if they have no role model. As a parent, you’re in the perfect position to be one,” says Anna Kempner, a religion writer with Via writing and Essayroo review. “Show them what it is to follow your faith, and they’ll be able to follow your example.”

Take Part In The Community

The easiest way to start getting involved in the community is to start attending your local place of worship, if you aren’t already. Here, you’ll be able to immerse your family in the faith, and find other like minded people. Many places will have educational groups just for children too, so they will be able to learn more about the faith with other children. 

It’s important to regularly attend your place of worship. If you only take your children sporadically, or only on holidays, then you’re showing them that faith isn’t an everyday part of life.

Celebrate The Holidays

Speaking of holidays, ensure that you’re celebrating the holidays of your faith with your children. Learn what makes them important, and pass that message onto your children. Show them that the meaning is deeper than simply getting presents or getting time off school. 

Allow Your Child To Explore

As you’re looking to raise your child in your faith, you of course want them to find friends within it. However, it’s highly important that you let them explore outside of the faith, too. “If you’ve been consistent with your faith within the family, you’ve given your child a safe base to start from,” says parenting blogger David Andrews, from Writing populist and Write my essay. “They will be able to see how others live and worship, and understand what they believe.”

It’s very important for children to be able to leave the bubble of your faith, and see what’s happening in the outside world. You can raise your child in the faith, but they need to ultimately choose it for themselves. If you do this, you’re giving them the tools to make the right decision. 

Practice The Tenets Of Your Faith

Every faith asks their followers to spread the word to others. The best way you can do this is practising kindness and compassion with others, whether they are of your faith or not. You can show your child how to do this, by volunteering with charities, and just taking every opportunity to live as your faith dictates. They will see the way that life can be, if they follow the faith too. 

Involve Your Children

Finally, ensure that you’re involving your children every step of the way in your faith. Some parents make the mistake of telling children they’re of a certain faith, but not letting them get involved, and explore what that means. Instead, actively bring them into the faith and let them get involved. 

For example, you can ask a child to perhaps lead a prayer at mealtimes. You can read holy texts together, and there are plenty of child friendly versions that you can share with them. Bring them to faith lead events, and let them take part themselves. 

These are just a few ideas to help you share your faith with your child. Start here, and you’ll find it’s simple to bring your children into the fold. 

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