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6 Things to Consider When Styling Your Hijab For the Office

Traditional Muslim women’s clothes are not only an important element of a tradition, but also a style. Apart from different stereotypes, these clothes are easy to combine with lots of other looks, including business wear. Yes, even if you have not noticed some kinds of combinations, they already exist and look amazing. 

Whether you are a Muslim girl who wants to reinvent her style or one that wants to prepare herself for a future successful business career, this article will give you useful advice on how to create looks with modest clothing. Let’s review the most important trends and useful tips for creating business looks wearing a hijab.

Hijab Style Basics

So, let’s say it once again — hijab is no longer considered to be some kind of an obstacle. This is already an element, even to say a distinctive feature of a style that doesn’t prevent but encloses to success. One of the most famous and easy-to-follow hijab business looks is the Turkish hijab style. It is suitable for nearly any purpose, whether you are going to an internship, a job, or any other business occasion.

You may look through various looks available online to find inspiration; but to prevent any mistakes while creating your own look, we have collected a list of tips for you to follow so that you can make your style your own:

  1. Consider the shape of your face whenever you choose your hijab style

  2. Avoid hijabs that contain lots of ornaments or look a bit fancy

  3. Pay attention to your accessories

    It is better to avoid using big brooches, even if they are extremely beautiful, and you like them. Instead, choose small ones that can become distinct elements of your look without overloading it.

  4. Go for neutrals if you are not sure about the final look required

  5. Pay attention to your bags

    It is always better when they match with your hijab.

  6. Assess your final look comprehensively

    Consider how your hijab looks like with the rest of the clothes you’ve chosen, your makeup, and accessories.

Other Aspects to Consider

There are a couple of things to consider while forming your hijab look. First of all, pay attention to the season. You should choose appropriate colors and pins while selecting and wearing a hijab.

The next important point to consider is the type of occasion for which you are choosing this hijab. For instance, a hijab for office lunches and dinners can may look different than one you choose for a seminar or professional event.

Experimenting is fun — give yourself the freedom to experiment with different looks for different occasions.

What to Combine with a Hijab

If you’re looking for a list of ideas on how to style your hijab with different outfits, look no further. We’ve got you covered. Here are a few popular styles and how to dress them up:

Business suit

Your hijab will look perfect with a business suit you are going to wear.

It is a good idea to experiment and combine different prints and colors here. If you are choosing a sole-colored suit, you may easily accompany such by adding a hijab with interesting prints.


A hijab can look stylish and put together with a blazer. That has been said, you have to make sure the combination of prints and color looks harmonious in the end. This look will serve well for your office days. 


If you don’t have a strict dress code at your office, or if you have a casual Friday, combining jeans with a hijab looks effortless and amazing.  

More Tips to Consider

Neutral colors are always in style, and usually complement any outfit well. Long maxi dresses always look great with hijab. Experiment with mixing and matching prints and neutrals.

Final Words

A hijab is one of the most important elements of a hijabs attire that, apart from its religious purpose, can be stylish and be used to express yourself.

Considering only a couple of aspects and tips can help with forming a harmonious and outstanding look with a hijab. Experiment and be balanced depending on the occasion while wearing a hijab. Feel free to be stylish.

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