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6 #MuslimGirlFire Interviews You Should Read in Honor of Women’s History Month

It’s March 1st, so you know what that means, right?! It’s Women’s History Month. As such, we thought we’d treat you to a roundup of six of our favorite #MuslimGirlFire interviews that you should check out. Ready to learn about some amazing Muslim women?

Neda, who loves pole dance fitness

Neda is a nurse practitioner by profession. She loves pole dance fitness, and has become a sensation, gaining over 10k followers on Instagram in her first year. She first tried pole after looking for a way to switch up her fitness routine and do something other than swimming. When she first tried it, she was prepared to be laughed at because of the idea of a hijabi doing pole dance. Instead, she discovered a welcoming and body-positive environment, which she loved. Needless to say, pole is one of Neda’s passions now. Read her full interview here.

Stephanie Kurlow, the world’s first professional hijabi ballerina

Stephanie Kurlow danced her way into the spotlight as the world’s first professional hijabi ballerina. She started dancing at two years old. “There is a great need for more diverse and equal representation on our stages. We all want to be valued, seen, and heard no matter what race, religion, or background we come from. Our stages and theatres need to reflect the wonderful diversity of the world,” Stephanie says. Read her interview here.

Lisa Vogl, founder of Verona Collection

Lisa Vogl, founder of Verona Collection. Photo via Twitter.

Lisa Vogl is the founder of Verona Collection, a most clothing company that became the first mainstream modest clothing company to open in a boutique in a mainstream mall, sell hijabs at Macy’s, and partner with major brands like ASOS. Lisa is also an avid advocate for domestic violence survivors and educates the community about domestic violence. Read her full interview here.

Nadirah Pierre, comedienne and social media sensation

Nadirah Pierre has made waves on social media with her funny and relatable content. Her catchphrase is “Nobody else wants to talk about it, so I have to talk about it,” given that she sometimes discusses taboo and sensitive topics, using humor as a tool to facilitate discussion. Says Nadirah, “I’ve always been outspoken and unafraid of saying what everyone was feeling and what I felt needed to be said. I really started for fun, just wanted to put a smile on a few of my followers faces by speaking about something we all knew was true in a humorous and before you knew it so many people could relate and after that, I thought to myself, ‘Okay, well let’s talk about some more stuff.’ And here I am now talking about a whole lot of sensitive topics.” Read her full interview here.

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, who shook the world with her viral poem

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan grabbed the world’s attention with her poem “This Is Not a Humanising Poem” at the 9th Poetry Slam Competition. Her moving words inspired solidarity and love during a time of heightened Islamophobia. Her poem sent a powerful message to stop the trend of “humanizing Muslims” by trying to present us as relatable based on our accomplishments. Read her full interview here.

Aya Khalil, a MuslimGirl.com alumnae who went on to become an award-winning author

Aya Khalil is one of our MuslimGirl.com alumnae. Aya is an educator, journalist, activist, community advocate, and mother. Besides that long list of activities, Aya can now add “award-winning author” to her resume. Her book, The Arabic Quilt, is based on events from her own childhood. The book is a Children’s Africana Book Award (CABA) 2021 Honor Book award winner. Read her full interview here.

We hope you enjoyed learning about these amazing Muslim women. Stay tuned as we highlight more extraordinary women this Women’s History Month!

We’d like to know who you think should be nominated for our 2021 “Muslim Women to Watch” list. Nominate your faves here . You can read about last year’s honorees here.