5 Hair Care Tips for Hijabis

Sisters, can we talk? In particular, can we talk about haircare tips for hijabis? I get it, wearing hijab can sound so simple in comparison to having to do your hair everyday for school or work, but the truth is, wearing hijab has its obstacles, from fly-away hairs peaking out for everyone to see, to scarves that have their own minds in the slipping and sliding department, to actual hair damage from hiding your hair from the sun. For those challenges, I have put a comprehensive list together for you to study. Hopefully, these haircare tips will get you through the day — on good or bad hair/hijab days.


It is very important that you tie your hair properly when wearing the hijab. Tying your hair too tightly can lead to hair breakage. We recommend using a cap underneath your hijab because it helps keep everything together. The cap will not only keep the hair in place, it’ll prevent baby hair from coming out and will also reduce breakage of hair.


When getting material for your scarf or caps, make sure that the material is comfortable and appropriate for the weather in the place you live. If it is usually hot, you may need a breathable light material, but if the weather is usually cold you may need a pashmina or shawl-like material for your scarf. Cotton and chiffon work well as scarves. Make sure that you wash all the caps and scarves regularly. Some materials can cause irritation to the scalp, so choose what fits you best! The above picture is from the Verona Collection, which is light and airy while still covering it up, ladies!


In order to follow and be consistent with a routine, it is important that you know your hair type and which products work best for you. If you have a dry scalp, wearing a hijab prevents moisture from reaching it, so it’s helpful to oil your hair before washing. For others, wearing a hijab leads to having an oilier scalp, so it may be useful to use dry shampoo or wash more often. Just because you wear a hijab doesn’t mean you should neglect hair care!


Make sure that you let your hair loose when you aren’t wearing the hijab! It is essential that you let your hair breathe. If you’re at home, use that time to take your hijab off if you can.


The good thing about wearing a hijab is that you can experiment with ANY haircut. Take that leap of faith and get the bob cut! Or the layers you’ve been wanting. Trimming your hair on a regular basis is essential for good hair.

What are some of your hair care and hijab routines to make sure your crown stays healthy and stylish?