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4 Eid Traditions From Around the World

Now that Eid al-Adha is here, Muslims all around the world are celebrating. A commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim’s (as) devotion and trust in Allah, Eid al-Adha is a time to connect with family and friends. Here is a round-up of Eid traditions around the world!


In Pakistan, families gather for a large meal, with everyone dressed in their best clothes. Children receive Eidi and are given presents. Popular foods at Eid include paratha and puri, chickpea masala, and goat curry. Desserts include halwa, sheer khurma, and of course, mithai!


In Tanzania, Eid is a time of great celebration. Everyone wears their best clothes and dresses up. After attending Eid prayer, people go out to eat and celebrate with family. Popular foods are sweet bread like mandazi, coconut rice, sweet cakes called vitumbuwa, and banana fritters. 


In Lebanon, Eid is celebrated in several ways. Trips to family members and the deceased are common, as well as meeting friends and going out. The Eid prayer is offered in the morning, and delicious food is eaten. Foods such as maamoul cookies, rice, and red meat are usually eaten.


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In Iran, Eid is celebrated by dressing up, visiting family, and going to the mosque. Popular foods include rice with raisins and carrots, yummy dessert zalabia, and crispy rice. Iranians also prepare the traditional sacrificed meat into a lavish meal to share with loved ones.

Although festivities, traditions, and cultures vary from place to place, the spirit remains the same. Hit us up on social media at @muslimgirl on Instagram and Twitter and tell us how you celebrate Eid!

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