17 Celebrities Posting In Solidarity With Palestine

As I sit in front of my computer screen scrolling down my newsfeeds, I can’t help but to be angry — and during the month of Ramadan, no less! Why? Because post after post, I am witnessing a giant void. It’s the actual neglect to stand up against the injustices occurring to our Palestinian brothers and sisters from community members in my own town, and towns across America, and the world where people claim to be woke. They are the ones ignoring the atrocities occurring to Palestinians in the town of Sheikh Jarrah, at the doors of Al Aqsa (the Dome of the Rock) in Jerusalem, and the most recent “annual Ramadan bombing” on Gaza. Woke! Ha! What a joke. The only conscious level of solidarity comes riding into town when the bandwagon is full of celebrities and likable politicians.

So in case you needed that extra push to finally speak up about the atrocious and violent acts against Palestinians going on right now, here’s your list of famous people who have enough guts to speak out against injustice. And speaking of injustice, if you choose to stay silent on this matter, remember that next year when you post up that obligatory famous quote for MLK’s birthday, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” You don’t get to use that quote if you’re a hypocrite.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd

Iconic rock star and one of the founders of Pink Floyd uploaded an amazing video telling the world what is really going on with the state of Israel and what they are doing to Palestinians on stolen Palestinian land.

Viola Davis

Bella and Alana Hadid

Supermodel Palestinian-American Bella Hadid used the hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah, to post a series of stories on Instagram about what’s going on in Jerusalem, only to have Instagram delete her stories. She didn’t stop there. She shared Alana Hadid’s (@lanzybear) post talking about her own frustrations at the ongoing displacement and violence against Palestinians, encouraging others to keep sharing content in order to raise awareness.

In one interview, Bella wrote, “This image should disturb you. Imagine this happening to your mom or your grandmother while they are fasting and observing their highest holiday. If you’re an American, just know your tax dollars are paying for this. We give Israel 3.8 billion dollars a year. Did you know that?”

FYI to all the Palestinian celebs who haven’t spoken out yet (maybe in fear that it will destroy their career) – Bella is super loud at clapping back against the oppressive occupation, and she’s still getting paid.

Gigi Hadid

Supermodel and new mom Gigi Hadid joined her sisters in posting about Palestine.

younes Bendjima

Algerian model and ex-Kourtney Kardashian flame Younes Bendjima posted about Palestine on his IG stories, pointing out that people shouldn’t be afraid to speak up because their rizq comes from God, not man. He called out DJ Khaled specifically, who is Palestinian, as are his wife and thus his sons.

DJ Khaled & mohamed hadid

DJ Khaled, who is Palestinian — as is his wife and sons — just dropped a new album last Friday, and it went number one. Khaled promoted the album during Ramadan with images of himself making dua, seemingly using Islam as an aesthetic.

Khaled posted a video of him crying about his album, but Khaled continued to remain silent on Palestine. Khaled, there’s people that are dying. *Kourtney Kardashian voice*

After being called out by Younes Bendjima and social media at large, he bizarrely copied and pasted Mohamed Hadid’s Instagram post word for word, and even used the same photo, literally an hour after Mohamed Hadid posted it.

While some people on social media weren’t convinced that DJ Khaled being involved would help the situation at all, DJ Khaled can get all the smoke because he was more than happy to use Islam as an aesthetic to promote his album during Ramadan…meanwhile, our Palestinian brothers and sisters can’t even pray at Al Aqsa or even in their homes in peace. Khaled has a huge platform; he needs to open his mouth and his wallet.

The ideas of celebrities being involved in social issues and activism has long been met with mockery, but the bottom line is that they are influential. They both have and raise lots of money, they have connections and social capital, and Kim Kardashian even helped free imprisoned people during the Trump administration. So it’s not such a reach to wish that they’d use their platform, power, money, and influence to help do something good — especially a Muslim celebrity during Ramadan.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

One of the lions of our ummah, world champion mixed martial artist, Khabib Nurmagomedov, took to Instagram and posted up his solidarity for Gaza.

Dua Lipa

On Twitter, pro-Palestine people went crazy when Dua Lipa showed her love.

Some of the comments made on Twitter to Dua were praises and thank yous to the musical artist for using her platform to raise awareness about what is happening to Palestinians. Meanwhile, Arab Muslims in the Middle East (not in Palestine) with platforms have gone radio silent. Shameful!

The Weeknd

Singer, songwriter, and record producer, The Weeknd, didn’t miss a beat when he shared this graphic from artist and illustrator, @Shirien.creates, which states, “In the early hours of dawn, Israeli police unleashed a full-fledged attack on Palestinians worshipping…”

Actress and activist Yara Shahidi of Black-ish and now Grown-ish also posted the same pic. Great minds think alike.

Mark Ruffalo

Avengers star Mark Ruffalo didn’t forget about the Palestinians as he shared a tweet from none other than activist Malala Yousafzai, where she wrote, “The violence in Jerusalem—especially against children—is unbearable. This long conflict has cost many children their lives and their futures. Leaders must act immediately—there is no peace when children and civilians are not safe. #AlAqsa.”

He also posted his own tweet, writing:

Lena Headey

Games of Thrones star, Lena Headey, shared a post on Instagram.

Kyrie Irving

NBA star Kyrie Irving, who recently accepted Islam, mashallah, posted about Palestine on his Instagram stories.

NaTalie portman

Natalie Portman is an Israeli-born Jewish actress…and she still stood in solidarity with Palestine by posting about Palestine. In the past, she turned down an award from Israel in protest of Netanyahu.

Susan Sarandon

And probably one of the strongest tweets I’ve seen on behalf of the Palestinian people came from our friend, Susan Sarandon, who is no stranger to speaking out against oppression. She wrote, “Standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people who are facing ethnic cleansing and being terrorized at the hands of the Israeli government and Jewish settler organizations. THE WORLD IS WATCHING.”

Thank you for your courage to speak the truth, Susan.


Songstress Kehlani took to her Twitter to post support for Palestine, including a thread with ways people can help.

We know that celebrities and social media activism won’t save Palestine. The United States needs a drastic policy change, immediately, to stop funding apartheid. Maybe we can finally start having and normalizing these conversations if people are exposed to them from their favorite celebs. Today, more Palestinians were killed in Jerusalem. More families were displaced so Israeli settlers can steal their land and homes. More children became orphans. More mothers lost their children. Today, another bombing took place in Gaza, just as it happens every Ramadan to Palestinians living in an open-air internment camp. And what do I see on social media from all these “‘woke-ish’ friends?” Nothing. Ironic, because these same people who are silent were the first to post MLK’s obligatory quote on his birthday, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” How many politicians and celebrities have to endorse advocating for Palestinian rights to make it cool enough for you to speak up? How many people have to be vocal before you join the bandwagon? Would it make you take notice if I reminded you that Jesus was a Palestinian?

And while the list of celebs continues to grow, it’s worthy to note famous people who have spoken up on behalf of Palestinians in the past. Some of the names might surprise you. They include, but are not limited to, this talented bunch of talented people: Cristiano Ronaldo, Jon Stewart, Penelope Cruz, Coldplay, Lupe Fiasco, Whoopi Goldberg, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Zayn Malik. Am I missing any that you can think of to include in this list? I’m sure there are, so let me know in the comment section below.

Make sure you also share any posts you see from your favorite celebs with a conscious about Palestine. We’d love to give them a shout out! And of course, the more famous, the more likely bandwagon activists will finally begin to spread the word about the ethnic cleansing happening to Palestinians in the Holy Land.