10 of Our Favorite #BlackOutEid Looks

A few years ago, producer and screenwriter Aamina Mohamed created the #BlackOutEid hashtag after noticing that much of the Eid content shared online rarely featured Black Muslims. Each year since then, the hashtag has gone viral as Black Muslims celebrate their faith — and their style — and Black Muslims from over the world participate.

Mohamed said she created it because she “felt it was something that we were aching for. An international connection and celebration. But even if it was just 10 people from around the world sharing pictures, I’d be satisfied.”

Being that it’s viral and worldwide, it goes without saying that if you check out the hashtag, you’ll find way more than 10 photos.

We picked 10 of our favorite looks for this roundup, but we highly encourage you to browse the hashtag and check out all the beauty and creativity happening around the world, as showcased by Black Muslims.

Check out our picks below!

We love, love, love how this sister is serving face with her wide brim hat.

Say Masha’Allah! What a gorgeous family!


Sis is serving tea and serving all the looks! Total perfection.

We love the bright colors, bold earrings, and bold necklace paired together.

A monochromatic color palette never looked so good!

Not even a global pandemic can stop her from showing out. 😍

Ride with the mob, Alhamdulillah.

Sometimes the best accessory is a smile! (And it’s sunnah!)

Cute, casual, and simple.

There’s so much to love here. The pop of color, how the nails match the earrings, the henna, the bracelet, and oh, the pearls!

Eid Mubarak, fam!