10 Daily Affirmations for a Healthy Mindset

I remember zoning out in my 10th grade classroom, as all good students do, when my eye fell upon this poster, with a quote written in bright yellow letters, making it almost impossible to ignore:

Watch your thoughts for they become words.

Watch your words for they become actions.

Watch your actions for they become habits.

Watch your habits for they become your character.

And watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

What we think, we become.”

I found myself staring at that bright poster for quite some time. I remember thinking to myself how profound it is to claim that our destiny begins at the inception of our thoughts. Years have come and gone since then, but from time to time, I find myself reflecting back on the wisdom written on that bright poster.  

The power that comes with the ability to tailor our thoughts so that we become the person we have always wanted to be, is one that should both excite and scare us! Far too often, we hold on to thoughts and beliefs that limit our full potential. Those thoughts are, in part, a result of our environment and cultures.

If those cultures and systems are toxic, then without a doubt, some of our own long-held thoughts and beliefs, could be toxic. Therein lies the power of positive daily affirmations. To undo the damage caused by the toxic parts of our cultures, we must commit to changing those negative thoughts and beliefs in to healthier ones, and we must do this on a daily basis!

The following are 10 daily affirmations that, if said and believed on the daily, will lead to a healthier mindset, and Inshallah, a healthier emotional/mental state of being:

1. I Have the Power to Love Myself Stronger Than Anyone Else Can Love Me.

If you are anything like me, then you might have spent a large portion of your life looking for love outside of yourself. Be it the validation that comes from having a great career, getting married, or having that large group of friends, your sense of being loved depended on another being or ideal. But when you stop to think, only you have the power to love yourself more because only you and Allah (SWT) know yourself better than anyone else. By reminding yourself everyday that your sense of love and self-worth is on you, you can soar past the negativity. 


2. I Believe That I Can Do Anything.

Society, by nature, tries so hard to place you into a box. That box can be based on your racial makeup, or your ethnic background, and oftentimes that box is hard to escape. Yet, if you choose to believe that you are not limited by this box, and you start to think outside of it, imagine what you can achieve. You really can do anything, because the human mind is an organ meant to expand and strengthen as we grow. So believe in your ability to take on new tasks, and escape your comfort zone. Because, darling, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!


3. I Am Only Responsible for My Own Emotions, Feelings, and Actions.

How many times have you been dragged into an emotional war zone with someone? How many time have you felt that your emotions are in direct response to how someone else feels or what they believe? Hopefully, that number is low. To avoid this trap, start to tell yourself that you, and only you, are responsible for your emotions. If you often let how other people behave, feel, or think impact how you feel, you are giving away control over the one thing which is truly all your own.


4. My Body Is My Own. I Respect It, Love It, and Treat It With Care.

The world around us is obsessed with control. They want to control what we say, what we eat, and worst of all, they want to control what we do with our own bodies. Yet, what you choose to do with your body is all your own. They are choices you make. Truly respecting oneself starts with respecting our own bodies in ways we see fit.


5. I Forgive Myself and Others.

Forgiveness is one of Allah’s (SWT) many attributes. Therefore, in our faith, we are taught to emulate that virtue in our own lives. While forgiving those who have hurt you can seem difficult and, at times, unimaginable, it truly is the key to healing. With forgiveness we learn to not be hard on ourselves and others. This aspect comes with our ability to love ourselves, which ultimately makes us mentally healthier.


6. I Am Embracing My Fears, and Worries so That I Can Push for a Better Future.

We all walk around with our own demons. They hover over our shoulders and remind us of our worst fears. However, we can live a happy life if we choose to embrace our fears. In embracing the very thing which we are deliberately trying to run from, we unlock our inner strength. Remember the darkness isn’t so scary when you are your own source of light.


7. Today, I Choose Where to Devote My Energy.

Your energy is valuable. Every time you use up energy, you are spending some of its value. Therefore, by picking where you devote energy, you learn how best to invest the most valuable currency you own: your energy! 


8. I Am Grateful for All That I Am, All That I Have, and All That I Have Been Through.

Study after study has come out in support of the benefits that come from practicing gratitude on a daily basis. But Islamic tradition has been a proponent of practicing thankfulness for centuries now. “…Anyone who is grateful does so to the profit of his own soul…” (31:12). When we are thankful, we force our minds to shift focus from the negatives to all the positives of our life.


9. I Deserve to Give Myself Attention and Care.

Did you know that you are your own best caretaker. No one on this physical Earth can look after you better than yourself. With this sense of empowerment, you will never need to rely on others for care, and more so, you will be able to take care of others better!


10. I Am Where I Am Supposed to Be.

This moment in your life is exactly where Allah (SWT) meant for you to be. You can make the most of it by seeing all the positives, and know that your emotional destiny is in your control!


Inshallah, if we all affirm these thoughts and beliefs on a daily basis, we can obtain clarity, and peace of mind!